Real PC Details [Updated]

In this interview with FWB, details emerge about the upcoming revision to RealPC

The interview hints at the return of direct video hardware support, and claims that the new software will take full advantage of multiprocessors and appears to be based on a Solaris version of their PC emulator.

Reports of a RealPC return emerged in early April, soon after Microsoft's aquisition of Virtual PC technology.


This MacRadio's April 11, 2003 broadcast brings an interview with Mark Strathdee (Chairman/CEO of FWB) with more discussion about the upcoming RealPC/Softwindows. In brief, they are currently in discussions with Microsoft about licensing Windows, planned Hardware Acceleration, Mac OS 9 and OS X versions planned, with a public beta planned for June 1, 2003.

In the interview, Strathdee hints at significant performance with the upcoming version...