1GHz eMacs?

ThinkSecret reports that eMac updates are coming soon...

    Highly reliable sources said that Apple's consumer eMac lineup will be expanded to three models. In an effort to fill the gap left by the departure of the classic iMac G3, the first will be a bare-bones 800MHz G4 unit that will ship with only a CD-ROM drive. The other two models will ship with a Combo drive and SuperDrive, like today's units, but will now both clock at 1GHz, and include larger hard drives.

Full specs are provided in the article of the upcoming machines, and the exact timing of the release is not specified.

The eMac was introduced in April 2002, and saw price drops in February, 2003. This would be the first major revision of the eMac.

ThinkSecret has also reported on upcoming iBook and iPod revisions -- also due soon.