No New iPod Case?

MacWhispers posts a speculative article based on their information. According to the site, the new iPods will continue to have the chrome back -- as it appears production of those are ongoing... but they feel the button-design originally posted by ThinkSecret are unlikely to appear.

MacWhispers did first mention a dual USB/Firewire cable that was being manufactured for Apple -- which would fit in with the USB/Firewire Dock rumor associated with ThinkSecret's story.

Of note, SpyMac first hinted at an iPod dock in September 2002... and claimed it was due in Q1 2003.

In another discrepancy, MacWhispers reports that the 30gig Toshiba drive is "only being produced as a PC-Card version" -- which would suggest against a 10GB, 15GB, and 30GB sizing of iPods.