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PowerPC 970 up to 2.5GHz?

This IBM press release [has been pulled] on their new PowerPC Blade servers reveals details on upcoming PowerPC 970 processors.

    The new IBM PowerPC 970 is the heart of the PowerPC Blade. It is based on the 64-Bit Power 4 architecture which is also used in the processors of the IBM eServer pSeries. The 64-bit microprozessor

  • Offers full symmetrical multi-processing
  • Has a high reliability (with parity L1, ECC L2 and parity checked system bus)
  • Is manufactured in the latest 0,13 micrometer Copper/SOI CMOS technology
  • Runs at frequences ranging from 1.8 GHz - 2.5 Ghz

    Therefore the IBMPowerPC 970 is the fastest PowerPC so far.

The IBM PowerPC 970 was originally detailed to start at a speed of 1.4 to 1.8GHz. No timeframe is provided for the delivery of these speeds (1.8Ghz-2.5GHz).

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