Other Uses for the PowerPC 970

News.com reports that IBM plans on introducing more "Blade" systems this year.

    The Power blades, first demonstrated in October, will use the PowerPC 970 processor. The 1.8GHz processor is expected to arrive later this year, IBM said

These Power Blades were first demonstrated in October 2002. These machines will run Linux as their operating system. In October, IBM would not disclose the procesor that would be used in these machines:

    Dougherty didn't disclose which member of IBM's Power processor family the blade servers would use, but acknowledged that it could use a repackaged version of the Power4 processor used in IBM's high-end Unix servers. In current products, the Power4 is packaged in groups of four into large, power-hungry "multichip modules" ill-suited for skinny blade servers.

    The company said that it plans to build servers that use the Power4 processor without the multichip module.

This Power4 derivative will apparently be the PowerPC 970. This information simply reiterates a 2003 release for the PowerPC 970.

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