Demo Contest Results

Lana writes:

    Every year hold a demo contest to stimulate the production of more demos for the Macintosh platform. This year's contest has resulted in the release of four really fantastic demos, and it is now up to the public to decide the winner.

    These demos are really worth downloading, and please also come back to vote after watching the demos - it only takes a few seconds. Voting is open until midnight GMT Saturday 14th September 2002.

    Just in case you're wondering "what are these demo things she's talking about?", here's a brief description:

    Demo programmers seek to achieve seemingly impossible programming feats such as real-time ray-tracing, fractal zooms, volumetric lighting, turbulent flow and other real-time visual effects. Demos are also an art form with artists and musicians working with the programmers to produce a powerful composition, awesome 3D models and a stunning light show, set to great music.

The demo scene originated during the Amiga/Atari ST era and produced some amazing results (on 8-MHz machines). We're glad to see the demo scene alive and producing. Check 'em out, and be sure to vote.