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Jobs and Woz: Together Again?

Wireless Week joins the fray with what appears to be further speculation regarding Apple's entry into the "smart" phone market. While this may simply be a rehash of iPhone rumors, it's the first to bring Woz and Jobs back together:

Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple, and his former partner, Steve Wozniak, are said to be developing a "smart" phone in an attempt to kick-start the market for next-generation mobile phones in the same way that the company's computers popularised personal computing.

Wozniak has been involved with since late last year. Danger is due to release its combo cell-phone and web-browsing handheld ("Hiptop") in the fall. More recently, Woz has started a new venture called Wheels of Zeus which "plans to make wireless devices that will "help everyday people track everyday things" (CNet)

This may be fueling the speculation fire... but to date, there is no hard evidence that there is any relation between the companies.