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.Mac Slides Publisher

Apple has added ".Mac Slides Publisher" (download) as another feature of .Mac:

    Present your photos online with ease

    Connect with family and friends by sharing your latest memories as a personalized screensaver. Mac Slides Publisher takes your favorite photos, transfers them to your iDisk, and turns them into a screensaver that can be viewed by any Mac OS X version 10.2 user.

The subscription feature (available to OS X 10.2 users, no .Mac account required) provides live updates, allowing automatic updates to slideshows. This feature emulates one advantage of the internet-connected LCD picture-frames that have been on the market.

.Mac integration is expected to increase and add functionality to other iApps.

MacEdition had previously reported that .Mac acceptance rates were "upwards of 45 percent". This number correlates to a non-scientific survey of .Mac acceptance at