Apple Advertisements Part 2: Celebrities

Damon Wright's weblog gives us some information about his involvement in "Real People" Apple Ads in which he is featured. Of interest, he notes a second part of the campaign which will involve celebrities:

On a day's notice, they shipped me to Boston to hang out with what turned out to be the second to the last round of 25 of us "Joe Regulars" who were to be shot on film by Mr. Morris himself. Apparently, the next round would be celebrities. We hung out with one, but I still can't say who. I have a picture of myself with him. His arm's around me. What a coup.

Morris filmed each of us for somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. In between film role change, they took about a hundred stills of us. Keep in mind, as this is happening, and the hot lights are beating down on us, we have no idea what this is for.

This reflects and confirms GNYC's report about this ad campaign back in May. Per that report, future spots may include Lou Reed, Spike Lee, Bela Fleck as well as other Grammy artists.