Alias|Wavefront 'BIG NEWS'... Apple?

Boombo and Mitcho forwarded us this Media Alert, alerting everyone that Alias|Wavefront will be announcing something big tomorrow...


Alias|Wavefront will be making a major announcement regarding Maya -
news that will permanently change the shape of the 3D industry.


3D animation technology is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. It is fast spreading from the entertainment and design industries
into new marketplaces. Alias|Wavefront's software has been used by such leading companies as Industrial Light+Magic, Sega and Nintendo to compete and win the battle for market share. This technology was used to make two of this year's Oscar-winning movies, Shrek (best animated feature) and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (best visual effects)

And now, the most respected 3D animation software in the world is about
to make headlines.


*analysis: the current state of 3D animation technology

*forecast: the future of 3D technology

*BIG NEWS: hear how Alias|Wavefront is about to shake up the industry

Thursday March 28, 2002

11:30 a.m. EST

Speculation naturally turns towards an announcement with Apple... especially with previous rumors of Apple looking to buy a 3d Company.

It may be entirely unrelated... but interesting nonetheless...

Update: The 'big' announcement turned out to be a significant price drop.