GeForce 4 MX and 1-GHz PPC

With details lacking...this ZDNet article provides some leaked details of the upcoming NVidia GeForce 4 cards. The 'MX' is NVidia's lower-performance model:

The MX line is likely to include three models, the 460, the 440 and the 420, with a Ti 4600 and a Ti 4400 also appearing, according to reports. The Ti moniker refers to Titanium, the name that Nvidia coined in 2001 to refer to its high-end versions of a particular graphics processor line.

this article from Silicon Strategies briefly touches on the newly announced MPC7455 SOI PPC chip announced today by Motorola, running at 1-GHz. Of interest, a slower, lower-power version is sampling at 800MHz.

The 1GHz chip has a suggested retail price of $295 in quantities of 10,000.