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iMac at the Apple Store

I took a trip to the new Apple Store in Clarendon, VA today and snapped some shots of the new iMac, up close and personal. Have a look. Even though I was very impressed with the new iMac ever since I first saw photos of it, I've got to say that seeing it and actually touching it, in person, has made me so much more impressed by it. It definitely feels very solid and sturdy, moreso than one might imagine in looking simply at photos. And you want to touch it, standing there in front of it. I came away feeling it was less "cute" and more "super high tech" looking after having used it for a bit. Even though I've got a G4 DP 800, I now really want a new iMac as well (alas, but a dream, I fear...). A truly incredible piece of hardware, featured in an amazingly impressive new Apple Store.