A CRT to Fill the Void?

It's not widely known that Apple has discontinued the 21" Apple Studio Display monitor, but they have. Apparently the units never sold well...understandably. They are rather overpriced--retail is $1,499 for a Trinitron screen that is not as advanced or posessing of a screen as flat as Sony's latest, the CPD-G500, which retails for $1,199, and has a smaller case. Other "no-name" vendors using this tube are selling screens at or just under $700.

We've been getting reader e-mail asking if it's likely that Apple will roll out a different 21" screen to match the new hardware. We think not. Since a 21" screen gives you more desktop (1600x1200) than the $3,999 Cinema Display (1600x1024), there's some conflict there. And Apple's definitely all about that wide ole' badboy and putting an LCD on as many desktops as it can.

It does leave a bit of a gaping void, though, doesn't it? So...if you don't mind paying a little more than you should, and need a big CRT that will match the cube or a G4 tower, then head out and snag one of the remaining units while you can (they're still fairly plentiful)!