The Smacketh has been Thrown Down!

Well...there's too much for me to go into right now, but in short, MacWorld Expo 2000 was one of the finest Apple Events that I have witnessed. Truly awesome offerings, among them...

  • 4 new iMacs, lowend G3 350 model @ $799!

  • 3 new G4 desktops, upper two are dual G4 models

  • PowerMac G4 Cube introduced! 450MHz G4, no cooling fan, etc.

  • 3 new displays shown (17" CRT, 15" LCD, Studio Display mod.)

  • Buttonless mouse & new fullsize, pro keyboard

Quite the show!! As of today, 75% of Apple's product line (all desktop machines) are new. Great new ads, great news on the software front--bascially all Microsoft (that means Bungie as well--yes, HALO is coming!) games will come to the Mac, and really just a great show overall. Totally. Check Apple's site for all the details: