Q3A Issues Under MacOS X DP4

MacCenral Online has posted an article informing us that, contrary to an earlier usenet posting by Graeme Devine (chief designer at id), Quake III Arena is not going to be immediately available for Mac OS X DP4. It seems there are some OS issues that prove to be significant stumbling blocks for id and partner in the conversion, Omni Development, Inc. They will wait for Apple to address these issues before attempting a stable release.
Since MacOS X DP4 is not at all a public item (only for developers!), we're not too distraught.

John Carmack, as many are no doubt aware, is a major proponent of MacOS X and has stated that he will consider using OS X as his development platform of choice as the OS becomes final. (Mac OS X uses much technology from NeXT's earlier (and exceptional) OS, NEXTSTEP, which was id's development platform in the DOOM & DOOM II days.)