New G4 (500-750MHz) PowerBook and iBook (500MHz)?


"The news is out and few
know the new product releases. As of August 1, 2000,
Apple Computer will release two new products. The
first is the awaited PowerBook G4. This will be
available from 500 to 750 MHz (No comment on the
weight, but it is a lot lighter, SURPRISE!) No word
about if it will be shipping with X-Beta, but pretty sure it

The iBook G4 will also come out in 500MHz. New
colors might play a COOL role, but no comment on the
colors. Expect more, but for now that's the latest.


Many of
the items Joe reports seem likely... but Mac OS X Beta
installed? Definitely not,

Soon, Macrumors will have User Registration
implemented so you can track repeat contributers to
see their track record.

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