iCab pre 2.0

For those of you looking for an "alternative" browser, take a look at the new pre2.0 iCab. With all the software bloat creeping into the other browsers... iCab offers a 1.1MB download which provides a very capable browser. The final version should support javascript... but this one doesn't.

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Brazilian Electronics Company Revives Long-Running iPhone Trademark Dispute

Tuesday May 19, 2020 1:06 pm PDT by
Apple has been involved in a long-running iPhone trademark dispute in Brazil, which was revived today by IGB Electronica, a Brazilian consumer electronics company that originally registered the "iPhone" name in 2000. IGB Electronica fought a multi-year battle with Apple in an attempt to get exclusive rights to the "iPhone" trademark, but ultimately lost, and now the case has been brought to...