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Kanye West Releases Single 'Famous' From New Album on Apple Music [Updated]

Although Kanye West's entire new album, "The Life of Pablo," remains exclusive to Tidal, the artist recently released a single onto rival services like Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify (via Pitchfork). The song available is called "Famous," and is described as "a sinister reflection on fame - featuring a Rihanna hook and brilliant samples" by the Editor's Notes on Apple Music. The release of Famous comes a few weeks after West tweeted that The Life of Pablo would "never never never" come to Apple Music or iTunes. The context of that tweet may point towards a less-than-serious mindset from the artist, because around the same time he tweeted about being $53 million in debt while using the social network to ask for money from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. In the transition to the new services, Famous also got a lyric change. The line reading "she be Puerto Rican day parade wavin'" was replaced with "she in school to be a real estate agent" on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify. Those interested can listen to Famous from The Life of Pablo on Apple Music here. Update 4/1: The Life of Pablo is officially available for fans to listen on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify, ending its previous exclusivity with Tidal. The album is also available as a $20 download from West's official website.

Kanye West Says New Album Will 'Never' Be Available Through Apple Music

Kanye West's latest album, "The Life of Pablo," is available exclusively on Tidal, the Apple Music rival service created by Jay Z. According to West, he has no plans to offer "The Life of Pablo" through other streaming services, including Apple Music, instead intending for it to be a permanent Tidal exclusive. In a tweet shared this afternoon, West said "The Life of Pablo" will "never never never" be available through Apple, a statement that presumably includes both Apple Music and iTunes. My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale... You can only get it on Tidal.— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 15, 2016 The seriousness of West's claim about never releasing the album on Apple Music and other streaming services is unclear, as his recent tweets declaring himself to be $53 million in debt and asking Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page for money may point towards a muddled state of mind. West, who is an investor in Tidal, announced the launch of his new "The Life of Pablo" album over the weekend following a performance on Saturday Night Life. While West originally planned to release the album on his website as well as streaming it on Tidal, he later changed his mind to encourage potential listeners to buy a Tidal subscription, priced at $9.99 a month for a standard premium subscription or $19.99 a month for a HiFi subscription. West's decision has made the Tidal iOS app the top free iPhone app in Apple's App Store, according to the company's App Store