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Photo: New Mac Pro Arriving at Apple Retail Stores [Fake]

With Apple's new Mac Pro scheduled to launch this month but no exact availability date having been disclosed by Apple, many customers have been anxiously awaiting word on when the machines will be available for ordering. It now appears, however, that units are starting to make their way to Apple's retail stores, suggesting that a launch may be imminent.

One Twitter user has posted a photo of the new Mac Pro on display today at the Bromley store in the United Kingdom. The Tweet has apparently since been deleted, but has remained viewable to some users due to caching.

A follow-up Tweet indicates the store has received just three units so far, with more due later this week.

Apple frequently releases new products on Tuesdays, and thus the delivery of new Mac Pro units to Apple's retail stores could point to a release tomorrow, although there have been no specific claims of a Tuesday launch.

Update: It appears that this image may be from Apple's October 22 event that gave press a chance to look at the Mac Pro.

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9 months ago
This appears to be fake. The picture looks very much like the pictures from the Apple event in October:


full article

another picture of the same setup:

and one more:
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9 months ago
selfies with mac pros is going to be a thing this holiday season
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9 months ago
What's the big deal. I've had one sitting on my desk for weeks now.

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9 months ago

I would really like to buy one ... but the low-end will be underpowered and the high-end unaffordable ....sadly.

I think underpowered if the wrong word.
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9 months ago
Time for someone to make "This is not a Trash Can' stickers for all the new Mac Pro buyers.
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9 months ago
It's a Mac Pro Christmas!
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9 months ago
According to the other thread just posted, it looks like if you were to max it out with the highest end stuff, it's $10000. That's crazy.
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9 months ago

Let's see now.

Wouldn't it be nice if this could become the start of a new line. It could range from the "Pro" all the way down to a "mini" for those of us who don't care for the iMac all-in-one design.

Naaah...That'll never happen :cool:

A 'new line' of Apple desktop computers? Keep dreaming. This is the last new desktop PC Apple will ever make. Sure, there will be updates to this and the iMac line for a few more years - but as for more new models? Forget it.
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9 months ago

Hmm...I don't remember seeing black mouse pads the last time I was in an Apple store. I call fake.

that looks like a microfiber they probably used to wipe smudges off the nMP
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9 months ago
At last! Very soon we can start the "What I want in the next Mac Pro" threads.
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