Google Chrome Browser Coming to iOS?

Tuesday May 15, 2012 9:57 AM PDT by Eric Slivka
Business Insider reports on a new research note from Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter, who claims that Google is working to bring a version of its Chrome browser to iOS devices. According to the report, Apple "may already be reviewing" the app, which could debut before the end of the quarter.

Google Chrome browser for Android

Google currently splits ad revenue share with Apple for Google searches performed through Safari, a deal that currently sees Google paying Apple roughly $1 billion per year. With a potential Chrome browser for iOS leading to Google keeping all revenue for searches through the browser for itself, Google could see a significant financial benefit if it can achieve a substantial user base on iOS.

The problem for Google is that Apple does not make it convenient for users to take advantage of third-party browsers, with Safari alternatives like Opera and Dolphin representing only tiny fractions of iOS browser share. Systemwide calls for browser actions throughout iOS apps are linked to Safari, meaning that users have to take extra steps to use a different browser, with the inconvenience leading the vast majority of users to simply use Safari for their iOS browsing needs.

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Posted: 33 months ago
Apple's lockdown on simple things like changing the default browser frustrate me.
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Posted: 33 months ago
It's funny how much app store restrictions have changed over the years, regarding "duplicating functionality". There are browser apps and email apps all over the app store now.
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Posted: 33 months ago
never understood the point of their search app. why would i leave my browser to use another app to search something lol
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Posted: 33 months ago
Aren't "alternative browsers" on iOS not really alternative browsers? Either they have to do their rendering on a remote computer or just be a wrapper for Safari's internet engine? Would there be any substantial benefit to using chrome here over safari?
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Posted: 33 months ago

I tried that then Google cheated me and didn't take NO for an answer.
Can I feel violated now?

I for one won't be installing their spyware, and I'll be very happy the day Apple gets rid of the last traces of the ad peddler.

About G+ one thing that can skew the stats is that they restrict certain capacities (leaving comments on certain youtube videos) to people having a G+ account, so the amount of people subscribing might go up but that says nothing of the viability of the social network...

How do you know if once in, people look for all their friends?
Do people use it for social interaction in the same way they use Facebook?
How much time do people spend on G+? etc.

If you dont like Google, blacklist them on your mac. All it takes is one line in your hosts file to block anything from, it really is as simple as that. I bet you've got no problem using Youtube, despite that also apparently violating your privacy.

What exactly is it you dont like? Seeing custom ads? Because thats all Google is doing here, using your info to tailor ads, thats what makes them money. It's exactly the same as using Genius on iTunes, it uses your habits to work out what to serve up. The same happens with iAds, it notes what kinds of apps you use, and serves relevant ads (or would do if there were any on the iAds network).

Do you seriously think there's some guy sitting at a desk in Google HQ going 'oooh, John smith was looking for a new car'. It really is pathetic. Yes, Google track your history and serve relevant adverts, big deal...the US government does worse. It's not like Google is phone tapping :rolleyes:

People really need to take the tinfoil hats off.
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Posted: 33 months ago
Business Insider is Digitimes West with slideshows.
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Posted: 33 months ago

If it's anything like the other apps Google has released on iOS, I'll be avoiding this one.

Apparently you haven't seen the latest Google+ app update.
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Posted: 33 months ago
If you can't set Chrome as the default integrated browser, what's the point?
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Posted: 33 months ago
What's the point or advantage to using chrome on an iOS devise?

Browser options won't be important until you can add plugins to the browsers.
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Posted: 33 months ago

What's the point or advantage to using chrome on an iOS devise?

The advantage of using Chrome on your iOS device is obvious if you're using Chrome on your other devices (Mac, PC), and you use Google Sync to sync your bookmarks and such.
I switched to Chrome on my Mac because both Safari and Firefox were unusably slow on my ageing machine, and to be honest I don't miss the older browsers at all.
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