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Next iPad Coming March, But "Real iPad 3" Not Until Q3 2012?

On-again, off-again, industry publication Digitimes is claiming that Apple's next iPad will enter mass production soon and will launch in March 2012. The catch is that according to their sources, this new iPad product is not seen by Apple as an iPad 3, but instead an upgraded iPad 2. Instead they say "the real iPad 3" won't be launched until the 3rd quarter of 2012 at the earliest.

The publication provides no distinction as to what qualifies as a "real iPad 3", but does claim that this interim iPad 2 upgrade will be thinner than the iPad 2 and offer longer battery life.

The most obvious distinction, though not mentioned in the article, could come from the use of a ultra-high resolution Retina display. Talk of a such a display has been ongoing for months, but the most recent reports indicate that Apple's suppliers are finding it challenge to produce such high density displays.

Digitimes has been particularly prolific in the past year with their rumors, but have become particularly spotty in their accuracy. While plans could have obviously changed, their previous iPad 3 report claimed a Fall 2011 launch. So, take this new report with some skepticism. That said, an ultra high resolution iPad-sized Retina display could easily be the production bottleneck for Apple's plans.

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37 months ago
THINNER? :eek:
Rating: 29 Votes
37 months ago
Isn't this the same exact rumor from a year ago?
Rating: 25 Votes
37 months ago
How many times is this same stupid rumor going to be recycled? :mad:
For the hundredth time, Apple doesn't do stuff like that!
Rating: 20 Votes
37 months ago
iPad 2 Refresh =

Faster processor
Sizes 32/64/128GB
Much better camera
Bluetooth 4.0
Q1 2012

iPad 3 =

Quad Core processor
Retina Display
LTE World Cellular
Every model has Cellular
Rating: 14 Votes
37 months ago
ipad 2s !

the S is for siri
Rating: 14 Votes
37 months ago
Does this mean everyone has decided the current iPad 2 is the "real" iPad 2? I remember some debate about that earlier this year.
Rating: 12 Votes
37 months ago
Now let's see how many people slam Apple this time for failing to make a big upgrade, or not believe the rumors that a small upgrade is coming and not a big one.
Rating: 10 Votes
37 months ago
thinner? where will they put everything? :eek:
Rating: 10 Votes
37 months ago
Hardly surprising if its true. I didn't expect a retina display of that size that can be powered by a device like the iPad to ever come out by spring. (If it does I'll be insanely impressed).
Rating: 7 Votes
37 months ago
When it comes, whatever the name, a tiny but howling minority will be VERY hung up on the name, and the shape being similar... and not on the actual upgrade being delivered :p Don’t ask me why I predict such a thing...

But I agree: it seems to soon for the retina display I dream of. AND for the GPU/RAM to drive such a thing! AND for the battery to power that GPU and RAM. All while still matching the iPad’s battery life and exceeding its performance despite 4x the pixels? AND being cheap enough? AND all of this being able to be produced in staggering quantities, so that the upgrade doesn’t actually HURT sales? Huge challenges, I’d say. Give them time.

Seriously? Why do things like this get credibility? Look at the history, the next iPad will be a major upgrade, the iPad 2 was the minor upgrade and Apple will NEVER release two iPads in one year. The profit is much larger on a full year product run. Some of these rumours are so stupid.

The past doesn’t predict the future that precisely: the iPad market, and Apple’s position here, is like nothing before seen. You’re right, they wouldn’t WANT to release two iPad in one year, but it might be the best option that reality gives them. And if branded as a minor update, it could work out fine for them. Your reasoning is sound, but the bigger picture may force Apple’s hand to some extent. (In fact, I’d almost expect the thickness to remain the same: only internal improvements.)

And Apple has sometimes released more updates to a product in a short time than you’d expect. It’s not the norm, but not unheard of. Apple has many priorities, but I’m sure that following the “rule” of minor/major alternation is not a big one. (And I’d call the iPad 2 much more than a "minor” anyway—maybe we’ll simple see steady evolution going forward.)
Rating: 6 Votes

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