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AT&T Announces One Million iPhone 4S Activations

AT&T today announced that it has surpassed one million iPhone 4S activations since the device launched last Friday, the most successful iPhone launch in the carrier's history despite the device also being available on Verizon and Sprint for the first time at launch.

AT&T touts its network speed as one of the primary reasons customers are choosing the carrier over Verizon and Sprint.
AT&T was the first carrier in the world to launch iPhone in 2007 and is the only U.S. carrier to support iPhone 4S with 4G speeds.

“It’s no surprise that customers are clamoring for iPhone 4S and they want it to run on a network that lets them download twice as fast as competitors’,” said Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility & Consumer Markets.
Apple announced earlier this week that iPhone 4S sales had topped four million units over the opening weekend across all carriers in its seven launch countries. The iPhone 4S is scheduled to come to 22 more countries at the end of next week.

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37 months ago
I feel that the video in the article doesn't really belong on MacRumors...

it's just a promotional video by AT&T... if it were a news video or a promotional video from Apple, it would belong, but somehow I feel that AT&T doesn't.
Rating: 15 Votes
37 months ago
I certainly did my fair share of AT&T bashing back in 2008 - 2009. And boy did they deserve it.

But I gotta say, things change. And considering all the factors I now tell new iPhone owners that I suggest AT&T as the carrier to go with.

Obviously it still depends on where you live, but that's my first suggestion to investigate. Things may change again when an LTE iPhone comes out, but right now in 2011 with the 4S, I gotta give AT&T credit for being the best option.
Rating: 12 Votes
37 months ago
The fact that AT&T calls their 14.4 Mbps network "4G" makes me feel all dirty inside.
Rating: 10 Votes
37 months ago
"AT&T touts its network speed as one of the primary reasons"

...or maybe cause it is now the lowest priced carrier that offers the iPhone.
Rating: 7 Votes
37 months ago
I think it's interesting how AT&T was hated up until recently and now, just reading through a lot of these forums, I've noticed a lot people have switched gears and are now favoring AT&T and, if anything, trash-talking Sprint and Verizon.

Personally, I've never disliked AT&T. Where I live, coverage is great, data speeds are acceptable (3Mbps - 6Mpbs on average), and I get a great discount through my job. So I'm happy to see them doing well despite the new competition.
Rating: 6 Votes
37 months ago

4G speeds? Laughable. Networks in Canada support 42 Mbps down theoretically. It's ashame the American networks are living in 2006.

How many users on those Canadian networks vs people on in the states?
Rating: 4 Votes
37 months ago
just wait until they all get their first bill... "what??? I used how many gbs of data on this faster network and I have to pay for everything over2 gbs???!!!"
Rating: 4 Votes
37 months ago

4G speeds? Laughable. Networks in Canada support 42 Mbps down theoretically. It's ashame the American networks are living in 2006.

Are you serious?

A little research shows that:
-Rogers offers LTE in 4 Metro area- Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa. They have ZERO phones, and ONE tablet that can run on it.
-Bell Mobility has LTE in one Metro area- Toronto.
-Tulus does not have LTE yet.

All of the networks DO have HSPA+ which claim right there on the site "manufacturer's rated peak download speeds with an expected average of 7-14Mbps" ...exactly the same as AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US.

In America, Verizon has LTE in 160 cities across the country. Sprint has WiMax available in every major US market. LTE and WiMax both blow HSPA+ out of the water.

Oh and here's a fun closing fact, the iPhone 4S is not a 4G phone, so none of this even matters.
Rating: 4 Votes
37 months ago

so > 4 Millions phones sold on the first couple of days and ONLY 1 Million activated with AT&T


Pop-quiz: How many countries is AT&T in?

I think getting 1/4 of iPhone sales for a US-only carrier is pretty darned impressive.


Too bad speeds are closer to 0.03Mbps down 0.01Mbps up in the DC area...!

Over 7 tests this week, my highest download speed has been 0.88Mbps. Today, I tried 4 times and it's been between 0.01-0.03Mbps down.

Where are you? I'm in large building's basement with poor signal near Union Station:

And it gets better if I go outside. 7 tests? You should probably try to exchange your phone.
Rating: 4 Votes
37 months ago
They can keep their "4G" speeds for data.... I'll take the ability to make-and stay on- a phone call any day over faster data!

I've had every iPhone since the first one, on the first day and my time on AT&T was nothing but dropped calls in the areas where I live and work most (Central Jersey and NYC).

We've just switched to Verizon, and while the data is noticeably slower, I haven't dropped a call since Friday which is A MIRACLE of miracles since we started iPhone ownership!!!! Im THRILLED!

Most times in a WiFi zone, so its not that much of a big deal.... I am happy for AT&T and their customers that their network is improving- competition is good for everyone.
Rating: 3 Votes

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