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Shipping Estimates Throughout Apple's Online Store Suddenly Rise [Updated]

In a curious development first noticed in Apple's European online stores yesterday, shipping estimates for many of Apple's products have suddenly been extended, suggesting low supplies of these models. The changes showed up in the U.S. online store as well today, indicating that the issues are not specific to the company's European distribution channel.

Tightening supplies are sometimes an indicator of Apple drawing down existing inventory ahead of product refreshes, but the extended shipping estimates are showing up on nearly all of Apple's products, many of which are not expected to see an imminent refresh. Current shipping estimates in the U.S. online store include:

- iPhone 4: 1-3 business days
- iPad 2: 2-3 weeks
- iPod touch: 3-5 days (8 GB and 32 GB), 1-3 days (64 GB)
- iPod nano: 3-5 days
- iPod shuffle: 1-2 weeks
- iPod classic: 1-3 days
- Apple TV: 3-5 days

- MacBook Air: 3-5 days
- MacBook Pro: 3-5 days for all models except low-end 13-inch, which remains at 24 hours
- iMac: 3-5 days
- Mac Pro: 3-5 days for all models except 12-core, which is at 2-4 days

Only the Mac mini appears unaffected by the extended shipping times, with all stock configuration of the Mac mini continuing to ship within 24 hours, Apple's usual goal for order turnaround. Shipping estimates do occasionally increase on certain products from time, but this type of across-the-board increase is very unusual for Apple.

Update: Shipping estimates on all main Mac, iOS, and traditional iPod products in the U.S. online store have returned to "within 24 hours", with the exception of the 12-core Mac Pro, which remains at 2-4 business days.

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39 months ago
It's Tim Cook's fault, this would never happen if Jobs were still CEO
Rating: 29 Votes
39 months ago
Tim Cook stamping his authoritay by updating the entire portfolio for his new leadership era. All to get 'By Tim Cook, Not Steve Jobs' laser engraved on the back/underside of each product.

Well, maybe not. But would be funny.
Rating: 16 Votes
39 months ago
Sorry guys...

Got a giftcard for my birthday. Bought basically everything
Rating: 13 Votes
39 months ago

can't think of anything in long standing need of refresh.

*cough* iphone *cough*
Rating: 11 Votes
39 months ago
Could only be one thing. Apple is going back to the basics and will stop selling everything except the mac mini, which they'll rebrand Macintosh III, and the macbook pro 13", which they'll call "Macintosh III Portable" :-P That or some scheduled maintenance.
Rating: 9 Votes
39 months ago
Poor Mac Mini...always the underdog.... :)
Rating: 9 Votes
39 months ago
It's the Typhoon in Taiwan which affects air traffic:

The shortages occur just now because the stocks have dwindled and reach a low today.
Rating: 8 Votes
39 months ago

It's Tim Cook's fault, this would never happen if Jobs were still CEO

It's the guy who's taken over Tim Cooks old job's fault! This would never have happened with TC in charge of logistics!
Rating: 8 Votes
39 months ago

What does this mean?

Probably nothing.

Just like 98% of Apple rumors.
Rating: 7 Votes
39 months ago
Good things take time to ship...
Rating: 5 Votes

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