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Apple Patents Switch-Less Force Touch Keyboard, Could Lead to Thinner Macs

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday granted Apple a patent for a low-travel keyboard design with Force Touch-like sensors that measure the pressure placed on a key when a user presses or rests a finger on it. As summarized by AppleInsider, the exhaustive patent filing details how the keyboard would have a switch-less QWERTY input mechanism, rather than mechanical switches, allowing for less key travel and potentially thinner Mac keyboards.Apple's current MacBook and Mac accessory lineups employ modified scissor switches, or butterfly switches on the 12-inch Retina MacBook, nestled within hollow key caps. Today's patent mirrors the aesthetic of existing designs, but deviates from established technology by replacing mechanical switches for a stack of sensors, actuators and supporting circuitry. Theoretically the system operates akin to Apple's Force Touch trackpads, but on a much larger scale; one force sensor package for each keyboard key. Force sensors configured to measure downward pressure are integrated beneath the keyboard's key caps, while integrated actuators — part of the key stack — generate haptic feedback.The patent filing does not guarantee that Apple will release a Force Touch keyboard, but a pressure-sensitive keyboard is plausible alongside the Magic Trackpad and Force Touch trackpads on MacBooks. Apple's new Retina MacBook has been criticized by some over its all-new butterfly mechanism keyboard, which has low key travel, so whether Apple implements this new keyboard design into the rest of its MacBook lineup remains to be seen.

Apple Registers Web Domains Related to 'Magic Keyboard'

Alongside its slew of product announcements yesterday, Apple registered several new web domains related to the term "Magic Keyboard", including,, and Apple's Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro While Apple did announce a new keyboard cover for the upcoming iPad Pro at yesterday's event, the product is called Smart Keyboard. It is possible Apple is simply looking to secure domains similar to the Smart Keyboard name, but perhaps a more likely possibility is that it is the name for Apple's upcoming wireless keyboard revealed in regulatory filings last month. Apple already offers a Magic Mouse and a Magic Trackpad, and last month's FCC filings revealed a "Magic Mouse 2" name for the upgraded accessory, so it seems reasonable Apple could be looking to introduce a "Magic Keyboard." The publicly released portion of the filing for the keyboard did not, however, reveal any new "magical" features as it only showed a bottom view of the accessory for the purpose of illustrating where regulatory labels would be displayed. Image from Apple's FCC filing for new wireless keyboard Aside from the newly registered domains, we've been unable to find any other references linking Apple to the "Magic Keyboard" name. Searches of trademark databases for many countries did not reveal any such filings that could be plausibly linked to Apple. It remains to be seen when Apple will introduce its new keyboard and mouse revealed in the FCC filings, but it could possibly come alongside new 21.5-inch Retina 4K iMacs that are just

iOS 9 iPad Keyboard Scales to Larger Size, Hinting Towards 'iPad Pro'

iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith has discovered that the new iPad keyboard on iOS 9 beta is capable of scaling to a larger size with rearranged keys, providing further evidence that Apple could be planning to release the much-rumored 12.9-inch "iPad Pro" in the future. UIKeyboard view on iOS 9 scales to a larger iPad size (Image: Twitter/Steve T-S) At a larger resolution, the UIKeyboard view automatically adjusts with repositioned keys to fill the extra screen space available. Specifically, the new keyboard has wider keys, a new row of symbols at the top, Caps Lock and Tab keys on the far left and some other moved keys. The secondary keyboard view has also gained the new chiclet-sized row of symbols and has enough room to fit all symbols and characters on one page, potentially eliminating the need for a tertiary keyboard view normally accessed by tapping the "#+=" button on the left or right. iOS 9's new Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture features on iPad Air 2 further suggest that Apple may be working on a larger iPad, as the new split-screen multitasking views would be ideal for a larger screen and could benefit from the tablet's increased processing power. The so-called "iPad Pro" is rumored to feature a 12.9-inch flexible display with increased pressure sensitivity, built-in NFC chip, Force Touch, USB-C port and possibly a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus. The tablet would also likely have an A9 processor with 2GB of RAM and Touch

Apple Stores to Begin Selling Typo Keyboard for iPad Air

Typo Innovations today announced that it will begin selling its iPad Air keyboard case at Apple Stores and through its website, according to Re/code. The announcement comes just two days after Typo reached a settlement with BlackBerry that will prevent it from selling Typo for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus due to its similar look and functionality as the physical keyboard found on most BlackBerry devices. Typo for iPad Air is a detachable keyboard featuring built-in autocorrect technology and an adjustable stand, although unlike Typo for iPhone, the product enters a market crowded with multiple accessory makers that sell virtually identical keyboards. Typo retails for $189 in the United States and is compatible with both the original iPad Air and iPad Air 2. The company is also accepting pre-orders for an iPad mini version of the

Apple Fixes Keyboard in iOS 8.3 Beta So Searches.Don't.Look.Like.This

Apple has improved the design of its keyboard in iOS 8.3 to fix a long-standing issue that caused several iPhone users to accidentally tap the period key while attempting to use the space bar in Safari. The change to a longer space bar was first spotted in iOS 8.3 beta 2 within the MacRumors discussion forums, and also appears to be present in the third beta of the pre-release software. iPhone 6 Plus users in particular have long complained about having Safari searches littered with periods because Apple did not extend the space bar to account for the extra space on the larger 5.5-inch screen, instead making the "Go" button larger. While not necessarily a bug, the design issue was an inconvenience for many users and prompted several complaints on social media and within our discussion forums. Twitter user Amanda Hearon, for example, voiced her frustration rather succinctly. The whole . next to the space bar when you open safari on your iPhone has to be the most annoying thing ever. My searches— Amanda (@AmandaHearon) February 1, 2015 Apple launched its new iOS public beta testing program on Thursday, making the third beta of iOS 8.3 the first iPhone and iPad software version to be seeded to both developers and the public for testing. iOS 8.3 includes several new features, such as support for wireless CarPlay connectivity, a new emoji picker, support for Google two-step verification, and Apple Pay support for the China UnionPay