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Tests Show 32GB iPhone 7 Models Have 8X Slower Data Write Speeds Than Other Capacities

Tuesday October 18, 2016 5:38 pm PDT by
A couple weeks ago GSMArena reported that its tests showed that 32GB iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models had slower storage performance than 128GB and 256GB models. Today, Unbox Therapy's Lew Hilsenteger posted a video featuring several speed tests that confirm that 32GB iPhone 7 models have slower data write speeds than other configurations. In the video, the free PerformanceTest Mobile [Direct Link]...
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Apple Addresses 'Bendgate' By Strengthening Weak Points of 'iPhone 6s' Shell

Monday August 10, 2015 10:00 am PDT by
Following the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September, some users began experiencing issues with the larger-sized smartphones bending in their pockets after normal day-to-day usage. The issue -- informally known as "Bendgate" -- became widespread after a video test revealed it does not take much force to cause a slight curvature in the device. iPhone 6 Plus bend test by Lewis ...

Apple Watch's Sapphire Crystal Display Evaluated With Diamond Tester

Tuesday April 28, 2015 7:53 am PDT by
YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has shared a new video that tests the stainless steel Apple Watch with a basic diamond tester to determine if it actually has a sapphire crystal display like many regular mechanical watches. The video also tests the Apple Watch Sport, LG G Watch R, iPhone 6 and a Tissot watch that is verified to have a sapphire crystal display. The results of the test confirm...