There have been several rumors in recent weeks about Apple's work on a finger-worn smart ring, and while it's not clear if the project is in active development at this time, we thought we'd round up the rumors that are circulating.

samsung galaxy ringSamsung's upcoming Galaxy Ring

This guide aggregates what we've heard so far on an Apple-branded smart ring.

Potential Features

A February rumor from Electronic Times suggested that Apple is "speeding up development" on a smart ring with health-related features.

Like the Apple Watch, an Apple Ring could track heart rate, activity, sleep, and respiratory rate, using that information to provide users with sleep insights and health recommendations.

Apple could also potentially use a smart ring as an input device for the iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro, or Mac.

Ring vs. Watch

Apple already has an Apple Watch that is able to track multiple health metrics, but a smart ring would be more comfortable for certain activities. A ring could be preferable for sleep, for example, or in situations where the wrists need to be covered, like when wearing supportive wrist wraps.

A ring would not likely need a constant connection to an ‌iPhone‌ or another Apple device because it has no display, so the battery would probably last for a longer period of time. On the downside, a smart ring would convey information via Bluetooth or a similar method, so while it would collect data, that data would not be synced to the ‌iPhone‌ in real-time as it is with the Apple Watch.

There is a possibility that a smart ring would be more affordable than the Apple Watch, with higher-end smart rings priced at around $300 from Apple's competitors.

Apple's Competition

Samsung is developing a Galaxy Ring that is expected to be available in the second half of the year. It can track heart rate, activity, and sleep, plus it is able to make wireless payments and control Samsung devices.

Companies like Oura and Ultrahuman have been making and selling smart rings for several years. The third-generation Oura ring is able to collect activity information and measure heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep quality.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air measures heart rate, skin temperature, respiratory rate, recovery times, and sleep.

Ring Patents

Apple has patented smart ring technology. One patent, for example, explains how a smart ring (or several smart rings) could be used as a control method for a VR headset. Sensors in the ring would gather input from the user, and haptic output could provide feedback.

Another patent describes using a ring with a touch-sensitive display to control a TV or tablet, while a third outlines a smart ring with NFC.

Release Date

While Electronic Times said that Apple is seriously considering a smart ring, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claimed in February that Apple is not actively developing a finger-worn device at this time.

Apple's industrial design team did present the idea of a smart ring focused on health and fitness to executives a few years back, but it may not be a project that Apple is planning to bring to market right now.

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