Steve Moser and Joe Rossignol

'Powerbeats4' With 'Hey Siri' Support Referenced in iOS 13.3 Code

Apple appears to be working on new "Powerbeats4" wireless earphones to replace the existing Powerbeats3, based on strings in iOS 13.3 code uncovered by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser. Powerbeats3 9to5Mac was first to discover the Powerbeats4 reference, noting that the earphones will likely support hands-free "Hey Siri." This means the Powerbeats4 will likely have an Apple-designed H1 chip or newer, which delivers a faster and more stable wireless connection to your devices. With the H1 chip, the Powerbeats4 would likely support "Announce Messages with Siri." When enabled, Siri reads your incoming messages out loud when your earphones are connected to your iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.2 or iPadOS 13.2 or later, you're wearing them, and your device is locked. Siri plays a tone, then announces the sender's name and reads the message. Apple already released totally wireless Powerbeats Pro with "Hey Siri" support earlier this year for a regular price of $249.95. Powerbeats4 would likely be a cheaper version of the earphones and will presumably stick with the cord between the left and right earphone like the Powerbeats3, which retail for $199.95. It is unclear if and when Apple will release the Powerbeats4 or if that will be the final consumer-facing name of the earphones. iOS 13.3 was released yesterday.

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking, Schooltime Mode, AR/VR Headset Icon, and More Revealed in iOS 13 Code

Over the past few days, MacRumors has published several details about Apple's upcoming Tile competitor and its development of an augmented reality headset after receiving an internal build of iOS 13 from a source. Digging further into the code, we have come across several other tidbits of information related to the Apple Watch and iPhone. First, it appears Apple is working on a new Schooltime feature for the ‌Apple Watch‌, which is designed to help students focus during school hours by blocking access to apps, complications, and notifications on the device. Emergency calls and alerts will not be blocked for safety reasons. Users can set when Schooltime is enabled in the ‌Apple Watch‌ app on ‌iPhone‌, such as every weekday. Apple is also testing sleep tracking on the Watch, as reported by 9to5Mac earlier today. We can confirm this functionality is referred to as "Time in Bed tracking" based on internal ‌iOS 13‌ code, with one string noting that "you can also track your sleep and get woken up silently by wearing your watch to bed." A new Sleep app on the ‌Apple Watch‌ will provide users with an overview of their sleeping patterns, as well as send users bedtime and battery charging reminders. ‌Apple Watch‌ users will be recommended to have at least 30 percent of battery life to wear it to sleep, according to an ‌iOS 13‌ string seen by MacRumors. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman was first to report that Apple was testing sleep tracking on the ‌Apple Watch‌. Back in February, he said Apple plans to roll out the feature by 2020 if the testing is deemed successful. This follows