Deals: Apple's 2022 iPad Air Discounted by $99 on Amazon With Numerous Record Low Prices

Apple's 2022 iPad Air has hit numerous all-time low prices today on Amazon. In total, you'll find up to $99 off the iPad Air, with record low prices available for both Wi-Fi and cellular models.

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Starting with the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad Air, this model is available in three colors at $499.99 on Amazon, which is down from $599.00. This is a record low price for this tablet on Amazon, and Space Gray, Blue, and Purple are in stock now and can arrive as soon as May 24.

Secondly, the 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Air has hit $649.99 on Amazon, down from $749.00. This is another record low price, and it's available in three colors. Most of these models have an estimated delivery date between May 24 and 28 for residences in the United States.

Moving to cellular models, the 64GB cellular iPad Air is available for $649.99, down from $749.00. This is a second-best price and it's also available in three colors: Blue, Purple, and Starlight.

Lastly, the 256GB cellular iPad Air has hit $799.99, down from $899.00. You'll find two colors are available at this discounted price, which is also another all-time low price on the iPad Air.

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senttoschool Avatar
1 week ago
As an AAPL investor (''), it hurts to say this, but I still advise you to not buy an iPad for $500 and it comes with 64GB of storage in mid 2023. The retail price of $600 for 64GB is just...

At this point, I'm going to guess that it costs Apple more money to buy a 64GB SSD chip than a 128GB SSD chip because most manufacturing lines have stopped making chips so small. But Apple is still using 64GB as the base because they really want you to upgrade to 256GB.

You can see here that smaller SSD sizes can sometimes cost more than larger ones because they stop making smaller ones.

Note: Gb =/= GB

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senttoschool Avatar
1 week ago

Agreed same goes for the storage options on the MBP and AIR models
This is where I disagree a bit.

I think 256GB is fine for a base Mac. Is it a screaming deal? No. But 256GB is comfortable for basic usage. 64GB is not. With 64GB, download a few games, take a few photos, and suddenly you don't even have enough space to update the OS. Ridiculous.

64GB is simply not an acceptable entry experience for a $500 - $600 iPad.
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dockgaze Avatar
1 week ago
64gb iPad M1 Air is a travesty and it sucks (for me). I sometimes wonder if the bad taste left in my mouth from Apple’s storage upsale/robbery is worth what they think the they are financially getting from me. And the bad taste transfers to their other products . . . . . soon I’ll be getting new MBA and I’m actually looking at the prospect of velcro-ing a 2tb Samsung T5 SSD to the case just to save money (and stiff them back, sad I know).
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svish Avatar
1 week ago
$500 is good price for the Air provided 64GB will be enough for the user.
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