Apple's First-Ever Store Moving to New Location: 'A New Chapter is Coming Soon'

Apple's first-ever store at Tysons Corner Center will soon be relocating within the shopping mall, according to Michael Steeber's weekly Tabletops newsletter. The mall is located in Tysons, Virginia, a Washington, D.C. suburb.

Apple Tysons Corner 2001

Apple Tysons Corner in 2001

Steeber said the following message was posted on a temporary wall at a new location in the mall:

The first-ever Apple Store opened 22 years ago here at Tysons Corner. Soon we look forward to welcoming you to this newly reimagined space. Thank you for being part of our story. Here's to the next chapter.

Apple has yet to announce a grand opening date for the new location, and the current store remains open for now. On the store's page, Apple teases that "a new chapter is coming soon," without providing any further details. The mall's website says Apple's new store will be located on the upper level between Nespresso and Victoria's Secret.

In what has become an iconic video, Steve Jobs conducted a tour of Apple Tysons Corner, unveiling the Genius Bar and more. The store opened to the public on May 19, 2001, just a few hours before Apple Glendale Galleria opened its doors in Glendale, California. The two locations welcomed over 7,700 people and sold a combined total of $599,000 of merchandise through the first weekend of operations, according to Apple.

Steeber said the new store's opening will be significant:

It goes without saying that this opening will be significant because it's the first time the first Apple Store has ever moved. But this opening will be much more than that — trust me. Tysons Corner is where it all began.

The existing storefront had already received a facelift in the 2000s, losing its iconic black facade with two backlit Apple logos on each side of the entrance.

Apple now operates 525 stores around the world.

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vertsix Avatar
6 weeks ago
I miss Jobs.
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CPark98 Avatar
6 weeks ago
If you want a real nostalgia trip, Michael Steeber put out this app, "The Apple Store Time Machine" for macOS and it's beautiful!
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
6 weeks ago
I'm surprised it still exists in 2023. Time flies!

For those that are interested new Wallpapers for Apple Tysons Corner are available. Check it out :)

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Realityck Avatar
6 weeks ago
It’s fascinating the longevity of the Apple Store in comparison to other tech companies that attempted the same. (Sony, Microsoft)

The original Palo Alto store used the same design.

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mattaaron Avatar
6 weeks ago
Always brings a smile to my face seeing Steve Jobs. I'm sure Apple would be different if he was still around, but I still absolutely love being fully invested into the Apple ecosystem. I think I made the switch to Apple a few years after he passed too :/
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ShivneelSingh Avatar
6 weeks ago
After watching the video, I got inspired to visit the first Store where I bought my MacBook in 2008. Literally saved up for months to be able to afford the $1,200.

Felt nostalgic so I placed an order to pickup a new MacMini M2, so I can have that same feeling of buying a Mac; it's always so exciting!

It'll just be sitting on the kitchen counter with a Studio Display, watching YouTube videos and helping me cook LOL.
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