Free Steve Jobs Archive Book 'Make Something Wonderful' Now Available

The Steve Jobs Archive today released a free e-book containing a curated selection of the former Apple CEO's quotes, emails, transcripts, interviews, and more.

steve jobs in his own words book steve jobs archive
The book, titled Make Something Wonderful, chronicles Steve Jobs' life in his own words. It is structured as a timeline of significant moments in the former Apple CEO's life, including a range of materials that have never previously been available to the public. Of particular note are the transcripts of internal Apple meetings and various emails that he sent to himself.

A curated collection of Steve's speeches, interviews and correspondence, Make Something Wonderful offers an unparalleled window into how one of the world's most creative entrepreneurs approached his life and work. In these pages, Steve shares his perspective on his childhood, on launching and being pushed out of Apple, on his time with Pixar and NeXT, and on his ultimate return to the company that started it all.

Featuring an introduction by Laurene Powell Jobs and edited by Leslie Berlin, this beautiful handbook is designed to inspire readers to make their own "wonderful somethings" that move the world forward.

The book is available to read online on the Steve Jobs Archive's website, where it can also be downloaded as an ePub. In addition, it is available on Apple Books and participating libraries via the Libby app.

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BollywooD Avatar
8 weeks ago

just grabbed it

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c84216 Avatar
8 weeks ago
I got it and perused it between meetings. A lot of the quotes and sayings are familiar to us. The photos are neat. The design is exceptional (considering it came from LoveFrom I'm not surprised). I think anyone who finds inspiration from Steve will love this. Naturally it doesn't go anywhere near the complications of the man, nor is that the point. But its also worth remembering Steve wasn't Steve without his very big pros and his very big cons; being a man of extremes was the essence of Steve.

I think people will love this. And the price is right. I'd definitely pay for a coffee table version.
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
8 weeks ago
Very nice! Love the fact it has personal photos and emails. Touche!
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Spaceboi Scaphandre Avatar
8 weeks ago
How will it fair up to the goat?

I still got my copy
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Ion-X Avatar
8 weeks ago
Just picked this up on Apple Books. From my reading so far it’s a thoughtful and deeply personal recollection of his philosophy and life path. I don’t remember reading at least some of these quotes so they’re new to me at the very least.

What a great way to remember Steve, and with a book that’s free for everyone.
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karranz Avatar
8 weeks ago
I lived Steve Jobs in its full glory and I’m still alive to see how Apple is doing without him. Steve wanted to make something wonderful, not to make the biggest richest tech company. Thanks Steve, I miss you every day.
Score: 4 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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