Foxconn to Begin Making MacBooks in Vietnam as Early as May 2023

Apple plans to begin producing MacBook models in Vietnam for the first time next year, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia.

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Citing sources briefed on the matter, the report says that Apple has tapped Foxconn to start making MacBooks in the country as early as around May.

Taiwan's Foxconn was granted a license in January 2021 to construct a $270 million plant in Vietnam for the express purpose of manufacturing MacBooks and iPads.

The new plant, developed by Fukang Technology, will be located in the northern Vietnamese province of Bac Giang. Upon completion, the location is projected to be able to produce eight million laptops and tablets annually.

Apple has been working to add production sites outside of China for all of its major product lines to diversify its supply chain, with Vietnam becoming a major benefactor.

MacBook production has taken longer to transfer due to the complex supply chain involved. Alongside Apple Watch and MacBook production moving to Vietnam, Apple is also said to be potentially moving HomePod production to the country.

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Sheepish-Lord Avatar
24 weeks ago
Fukang Technology…really?
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tridley68 Avatar
24 weeks ago
Good time to dump China
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Leon Ze Professional Avatar
24 weeks ago
Awesome news, let the exodus continue and hopefully pick up steam.
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Alexfromaz Avatar
24 weeks ago
Good. China’s own virus is biting them in the behind
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Solomani Avatar
24 weeks ago

Fukang Technology…really?
Pho sure! ?
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MacProFCP Avatar
24 weeks ago
So Apple continues to diversify…to another communist country that places little value on human rights and freedoms.

I recognize that labor costs are very important to remain competitive but can’t Apple provide opportunities to poor countries that don’t have horrific track records of human rights violations?
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