PSA: Older Notifications No Longer Hidden in Notification Center in iOS 16.2 Beta 4

In a small but significant change to the way the Notification Center works in the latest iOS 16.2 beta, older notifications are now shown by default without having to swipe up.

Notification Center
In the current release as well as earlier versions of iOS 16, users do not automatically see older notifications in the Notification Center like they did in iOS 15, and instead must manually swipe up from the middle to reveal them, if there are any.

In other words, if a new notification is received and the user unlocks and then locks their iPhone without interacting with it, iOS treats it as an old notification and sends it to the Notification Center where it is hidden, which some users say often results in important notifications being missed.

Note that in iOS 16.2 beta 4, the Lock Screen still hides older notifications unless the user swipes up from the middle of the screen. The change to showing older notifications by default only applies to Notification Center, which can be pulled down with a swipe down from the top of the screen when the ‌iPhone‌ has been unlocked.

Whether or not the change will make it into the official release of iOS 16.2, due later this month, is unknown, but if it does, many users will welcome the new behavior as an improvement to the way iOS deals with older notifications.

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MVMNT Avatar
26 weeks ago

No idea why this was never the case in the first place. Too big a step change to remove it.
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mattopotamus Avatar
26 weeks ago
Glad they listened. This was one of the worst updates to notifications in a long time. It was a huge step backwards.

Edit: Actually just reread this again, and it doesn't fix the issue on the Lock Screen, that is a bummer.
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infinitejest Avatar
26 weeks ago
Finally. Don't know how they could think that this was a good idea.
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rain111 Avatar
26 weeks ago
I am hoping to see this very soon, I am not a big fan of the current way the notification is set/hidden, I don't understand why this wasn't like this from the start.
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trhoffmann Avatar
26 weeks ago
Hunting for notifications is counter-intuitive.
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DigitalAR Avatar
26 weeks ago
Setting it back to as similarly as it was in iOS15 is the best thing.

I’m surprised more people aren’t raising a stink about this. This is a big deal in regards to how Notification Center has worked for the better part of a decade.
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