Nanoleaf Announces New Matter-Compatible Smart Bulbs and Lightstrips

Smart home accessory maker Nanoleaf today announced the upcoming launch of new products that are compatible with Matter, a smart home standard that Apple began supporting with the launch of iOS 16.1. Matter is designed to allow for interoperability between smart home devices from different manufacturers.

nanoleaf matter
Nanoleaf is debuting Matter-equipped A19, GU10, and BR30 light bulbs, as well as a Lightstrip, with all of the products part of the company's Essentials line. The bulbs and the lightstrip offer more than 16 million color options as well as tunable whites with color temperatures ranging from 2700-6500K.

The new Essentials devices are able to play color-changing lighting scenes that can be customized with the Nanoleaf app. With Matter integration, the Essentials products are compatible with HomeKit and other smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Matter-compatible Essentials Smart Bulbs and Lightstrips are set to launch in early 2023 and will be priced from $20 to $100. Nanoleaf plans to introduce additional Matter-compatible products at CES in January.

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GeneralChang Avatar
4 weeks ago
I dunno, do we think any of this will really... matter??

(I'm sorry, I'll show myself out)
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BrownyQ Avatar
4 weeks ago
Forgive my ignorance on this one, but does this mean that gaining Matter support is not possible via an update for existing light bulbs?

I don't have nearly enough smart home stuff right now that it's a problem (only own two of these light bulbs), but if that's the case, then patience on future purchases, and ensuring they are Matter compatible out of the box, would be the course of action.
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Leigh-zed Avatar
4 weeks ago
It’s not like I’m going to replace any of my bulbs when these are released, I would simply replace them when my current ones fail with what’s relevant to the market at that point. Until then, I’ll carry on as I am.
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Macintosh Quadra 840av Avatar
4 weeks ago
I've got a bunch of their A19 bulbs and love them. They work great with Thread and the HomePod mini. Went with them because they have wifi and don't require a separate hub, as many do. Super quick response with Siri and HomeKit. They support circadian lighting too. Been very happy with them. Not sure I'd upgrade here, as I don't see Matter providing much benefit over my current setup, but as I add new lights, I'll certainly go that route.
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the.burn Avatar
4 weeks ago

Forgive my ignorance on this one, but does this mean that gaining Matter support is not possible via an update for existing light bulbs?

I don't have nearly enough smart home stuff right now that it's a problem (only own two of these light bulbs), but if that's the case, then patience on future purchases, and ensuring they are Matter compatible out of the box, would be the course of action.
Correct, the current ones have Threat but are not updateable to Matter.
This annoys me very hard, as I bought them, thinking of being perfectly up to date…
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SalisburySam Avatar
4 weeks ago
I wish all the things that said they were Homekit compatible were actually Homekit compatible. Lots of things work for awhile, or work until the next network outage then don’t, or work until the next router update then don’t, or never worked to begin with despite advertising HK compatibility (I’m looking at you Rachio3 irrigation controller). And most of my device manufacturers say all that is necessary for a “No Response” device is to power them down (unplug them) and restore power (plug them back in after a few seconds). Sure, that usually works. But the point of smartplugs at least is to not have to do that. Mine are behind furniture or other inaccessible places; that’s the point of using them. Very frustrating. And a whole lot harder with wall switches.

I’ve ordered a couple of Nanoleaf LED bulbs for wall sconces that do not have a switch to control them. Should arrive today. We’ll see what new agony they bring to the table.

I really miss the X-10 devices of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. They were reliable for me and the power lines were the network.
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