Vivaldi 5.1 Adds Ability to Scroll Through Browser Tabs Horizontally in the Tabs Bar

Vivaldi for Mac received an update today that brings yet more new features to the highly customizable web browser, including a handy way of managing multiple tabs using horizontal scroll.

Most modern web browsers usually handle multiple tabs by shrinking the tabs into smaller and smaller segments to fit them all in on screen, but this can quickly look cluttered and make it progressively harder to identify each tab in the squeeze.

In an effort to avoid this situation, version 5.1 of Vivaldi brings a new Scrollable Tabs feature that lets users scroll through the tab row horizontally to reveal more full-width tabs.

Tabs are navigated horizontally by click-dragging with the cursor, or using the arrows on the left and right of the tabs. Another way to view tabs is to long-click the arrows to get a full list of all open tabs.

The Horizontal Scrolling feature can also be combined with Vivaldi's existing Two-level Tab Stacks option, enabling users to scroll two rows of grouped tabs and take advantage of tab group previews for exhaustive tab management.

vivaldi reading list
In addition to Scrollable Tabs, this version of the browser also brings a new built-in Reading List, a new repository for offline reading that maintains each article's read/unread state, with no service signup required.

Elsewhere, Vivaldi has also added a Quick Settings Panel on the Start Page, enabling quicker access to the full gamut of customizable Start Page options, including things like background images, favorites, speed dials, and search field settings.

Vivaldi browser 5.1 is a free download for Mac available directly from the Vivaldi website, featuring built-in tracking protection, tab tools, a translation feature, Chrome extensions support, and much more.

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applicious84 Avatar
13 months ago
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TheYayAreaLiving ? Avatar
13 months ago
This will definitely come in handy as I don’t mess around when it comes to Safari tabs.

Current status?

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contacos Avatar
13 months ago
looks neat but I am so "OCD" I never have more than 1 tab open even if I return to the same page 5 minutes later anyway. I know it is stupid, but I cannot help it. It is just part of my routine. Read page X, go read page Y, return to page X to read again and so on
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szw-mapple fan Avatar
13 months ago
So basically what Safari has with compact tabs and always show website titles?
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LV426 Avatar
13 months ago

looks neat but I am so "OCD" I never have more than 1 tab open even if I return to the same page 5 minutes later anyway. I know it is stupid, but I cannot help it. It is just part of my routine. Read page X, go read page Y, return to page X to read again and so on
Quite right, too. If only my wife's friend adopted this practise, it would have spared her some considerable embarrassment... I went round her house to fix an issue she was having with her iPad. Safari had loads of open tabs that I duly closed, one by one. Each and every one had a pron site open!
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AbSoluTc Avatar
13 months ago

How many tabs do people have open at once that would require multiple rows of scrolling tabs? Seriously. I think the most I ever have is MAYBE three or four. I understand that not everyone works like I do, but I would think that if you have two rows that are filled beyond what your screen can show, you can't possibly remember all the tabs that are open, and the effectiveness of tabs gets lost. Just my personal opinion. I can see it being more useful on a mobile browser. But if people are happy with the feature, then congrats to them.
I work in education and there are MANY people with MANY tabs open in MULTIPLE windows!

I have seen users who have 5 Chrome windows with each window having a minimum of 50 tabs each. MINIMUM. People don't want to close tabs for fear of losing stuff they want to read later. I don't think many people have heard of bookmarks/folders lol.

A lot of problems users have are the result of Chrome using all their resources because of the HUNDREDS (no joke) of tabs they have open.

Same applies to their phones! I don't think they realize how many tabs they have open there either.

Don't get me started on desktops... and how they don't clean them. Physically and virtually.

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