iPhone SE 2 Might Actually Be Called the iPhone 9

The widely rumored "iPhone SE 2" might actually be named the iPhone 9, according to an "informed source" cited by Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

The report reiterates that the device will have a similar form factor as the iPhone 8, including a 4.7-inch display with bezels and a Touch ID home button, but with a faster A13 Bionic chip. 3GB of RAM is also expected. Like the original iPhone SE, the device is not expected to support 3D Touch.

iPhone 9 would certainly be a more fitting name for the device given it sounds like more of an iPhone 8 successor than an iPhone SE successor. With a 4.7-inch display, the new device would be larger than the original iPhone SE with a 4-inch display, disappointing those who prefer a smaller phone.

The lower-cost iPhone, whatever it ends up being named, will likely start around $399 with 64GB of storage, and come in Space Gray, Silver, and Red, according to reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Multiple reports have indicated the device will be released by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

The original iPhone SE was introduced at an Apple event in March 2016, so a March 2020 release is certainly possible for this next device.

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8 weeks ago
Considering the iPhone 9 will be newer than the X, XS, and 11, my vote is for "iPhone 9¾".

Rating: 46 Votes
8 weeks ago
Their naming lately is mind-boggling.
Rating: 28 Votes
8 weeks ago
This actually makes sense. X, XR, 11, 12 etc all have Face ID and notches.

This new phone is an upgrade from the 8 (most likely) and the 8 will likely stop being sold.

And at the end of the day, it’s just a name.
Rating: 25 Votes
8 weeks ago
Too large of a form factor.
Rating: 18 Votes
8 weeks ago
I’m so confused, do they not know how to count?
Rating: 17 Votes
8 weeks ago
It wouldn’t surprise me if this rumor is true. The new phone is nothing like the SE
Rating: 17 Votes
8 weeks ago

How much smaller of a phone do people want?

4.7 is small.

i think 4.7" display isn't the problem. it's the body size/shape.

a 4.7" display could fit into a body that is barely bigger than the SE now, if it's got similar edge to edge design as the "X".

What I don't think people are looking for is just anothre rehash of the iPhone 6-8 design language re-released as the "SE".

Something like this IMHO is what SE owners would prefer:

Rating: 16 Votes
8 weeks ago
“Hello, I’m here to upgrade my iPhone.”

“Great! You’ll love the new iPhone 9!”

“9? But isn’t the 11 already out? I don’t want a phone from 2 years ago.”

“No no, you see the iPhone 9 is newer than the iPhone 11!”

“So is the iPhone Ten newer than the 9?”

“No, it’s also older.”

“So it’s backwards? Is the iPhone 8 newer than the 9?”

“No, the 8 is also older.”

“Then why is it called the iPhone 9 and not the 12 or 11s?”

“Oh, that’s because the 9 is a more budget-friendly model.”

“Then why not call it the SE2?”

“To prevent confusion!”
Rating: 14 Votes
8 weeks ago
So the 9 would debut 2 years+ after the 10 (X)?

What in the Marty McFly?
Rating: 12 Votes
8 weeks ago

Another possible name is iPhone XE.

More appropriate for Apple would be to call it the "iPhone XI" after Tim Cook's boss.
Rating: 12 Votes

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