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Mattel Launches New Hot Wheels 'id' Smart Track Kit and NFC Cars Exclusively at Apple Stores

Mattel's Hot Wheels brand is getting a major digital upgrade with the launch of the Hot Wheels Smart Track Kit, Race Portal, and Hot Wheels id vehicles, all of which are available exclusively from Apple starting today.

With the Hot Wheels Smart Track Kit, Hot Wheels id vehicles can be raced on a track that incorporates digital tracking elements through an app on the iPhone or iPad. The system allows users to keep track of speed, count laps, build a digital garage, and more, providing a mix of physical and digital play.

The new Hot Wheels id setup includes 51 die-cast cars with NFC tags that are going to be released in six mini collections throughout 2019, with each vehicle to be priced at $6.99. Each car can be leveled up digitally, with challenges available to break race records.

Launch vehicles include the Corvette C7R, SRT Viper GTS-R, 2016 Mercedes AMG GT, Aston Martin One-77, Howlin Heat, Motosaurus, Shark Hammer 2.0, and Arachnorod.

There's a Hot Wheels Race Portal ($39.99) for connecting classic Hot Wheels track and scanning Hot Wheels id vehicles to measure speed and count laps via infrared sensors, and then there's a Hot Wheels Smart Track ($179.99), which provides a whole kit so kids can jump right into racing.

The Smart Track has been designed to boost speed and enhance racing, jumping, and crashing, while also keeping track of total distance traveled by each car. Mattel says the track includes the most powerful booster the Hot Wheels brand has ever made for maximum speed.

Each component can be purchased separately, but the Race Portal includes two id cars (and can be used with existing Hot Wheels track you might have), while the Smart Track is a set that includes the track, a Race Portal, and two exclusive id cars.

You can use the Hot Wheels id system with the free Hot Wheels id app, which provides a virtual garage and features for racing, collecting, and more. Gameplay modes include Collection, Portal play, Smart Track play, and digital racing.

Hot Wheels id vehicles, the Race Portal, and the Smart Track Kit can be purchased today from the Apple online store and from Apple retail locations. Vehicles are priced at $6.99, the Race Portal is $39.99, and the Smart Track Kit is $179.99.

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2 days ago at 06:05 am
Between this and Lego’s recently released lunar module set, happy Father’s Day to me!
Rating: 16 Votes
2 days ago at 06:20 am
Looks cool, but one of the reasons I love watching (and helping) my boys play with Hot Wheels is because they aren't on a screen.
Rating: 15 Votes
2 days ago at 06:21 am

I want to be 9 again...

What does being 9 have to do with it? I'm 53 and I'd get one just because i can. ;)
Rating: 14 Votes
2 days ago at 06:12 am
I want to be 9 again...
Rating: 10 Votes
2 days ago at 06:10 am
"We need to find a way to wedge smart devices into physical toys so we can convert more people into using our app."
Rating: 8 Votes
2 days ago at 06:19 am
$179.99 for a Hot Wheels track? LOL, now I really feel old.....
Rating: 7 Votes
2 days ago at 06:17 am

It's interesting that Hot Wheels do well while Lincoln Logs don't... it seems like they're both rather expensive toys that lack in variety of what you can do with them.

Maybe Hot Wheels mostly do better for brand/aesthetic/collector reasons? I own a few Tesla Hot Wheels that decorate my cubical at work. They've never been on a Hot Wheels track, and probably never will be.

What a weird comparison.

Lincoln Logs, created 1916
Hot Wheels created 1968

Lincoln logs superseded by Lego.
Hot Wheels superseded by?

Not gonna try to address why Hot Wheels do better as it seem from other post of yours you never played with toys.
Rating: 4 Votes
2 days ago at 06:33 am
I'd buy this if the cars had streaming wireless cameras in them.
Rating: 3 Votes
2 days ago at 07:23 am

Confused: How can the cars "race"? The track is only one lane wide, no overtaking?

We used to build parallel tracks with a special synchronized launcher, and at the end there was a squeeze track that combined both lanes into one.

I imagine this could possibly still be done, but I haven't researched it at all.

Think like Pinewood Derby, but without a damaged lane that the bullies in your Cub Scout Troop would force you to use because you and your father took the time to precision machine, weight, and tune your car and they were jealous because theirs were all piles of ****.

Sorry, I went off a bit there.
Rating: 3 Votes
2 days ago at 09:12 am

Confused: How can the cars "race"? The track is only one lane wide, no overtaking?

Tyco needs to get in the game and go digital.

Rating: 3 Votes

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