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Apple Seeds Eleventh Beta of macOS Mojave to Developers

Apple today seeded the eleventh beta of an upcoming macOS Mojave update to developers for testing purposes, two weeks after releasing the tenth beta and more than two months after introducing the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

macOS Mojave introduces a new method of installing software updates, so after the initial beta has been installed using the appropriate profile from the Developer Center, additional betas can be downloaded through opening up System Preferences and choosing the "Software Update" option.

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Apple's macOS Mojave update introduces a systemwide Dark Mode, with Mojave users able to choose between a light theme or the new dark theme, which changes the color of the dock, menu bar, apps, and other elements. Dark Mode is accompanied by Dynamic Desktops, aka wallpapers that subtly change throughout the day.

Stacks, a new desktop organization system, keeps all of your desktop files neat and organized, while Finder has been enhanced with a Gallery View, a Sidebar, a revamped Quick Look option and Quick Actions, so you can do more in the Finder window than ever before.

Screenshots can now be edited using Markup tools and a new management options that also allow for easy screen recording, while Continuity camera, a new feature, allows you to import photos and document scans directly from an iPhone or iPad to the Mac.

The Apple News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos apps have been ported from iOS to macOS as part of a multiyear project Apple is working on to make it easier to bring iOS apps to Macs, and Apple has introduced several new privacy protections to keep your data safer than ever.

Apple is also making it harder for websites to track you with a range of new Safari tools, and it's also easier to make and store secure, hard-to-guess passwords for each and every website.

Apple has added an entirely revamped Mac App Store to macOS Mojave that makes it easier to discover apps with a featured section and specific categories for games, creative apps, productivity apps, apps for developers, and more.

macOS Mojave was initially supposed to include a Group FaceTime feature that includes support for chatting with up to 32 people at one time, but it was removed in macOS Mojave beta 7 and the feature won't be available until later in the year.

macOS Mojave is available to developers and public beta testers to work out bugs and other issues ahead of an upcoming public release on September 24.

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1 week ago
Upper screen shot Beta 10 Lower Beta 11 Note the removal of the word BETA I would say this is a GM candidate!!

Rating: 3 Votes
1 week ago

What about Xcode 10? Is it also released as a non beta?

On the Developer Site there is Xcode 10 GM seed build 10A254a
Rating: 2 Votes
1 week ago

tried that and it downloaded the installer for beta 10 again. then after installing had to update back to beta 11
[doublepost=1536792582][/doublepost]Slightly of topic, but anyone trying Mojave but may want to revert back to High Sierra make sure they download the full installer for HS before 24th as once Mojave comes out HS will probably be removed from App Store and OS’s are no longer included in your purchase section in the App Store.

If you had trouble getting the full installer for beta 11 you can try

Here is what it provides me with:

and so option 4 will download the full installer for beta 11.

I put more thorough instructions here: //

Rating: 2 Votes
1 week ago

Just downloaded the full installer (Build 18A389) Firmware update for the 2010 Mac Pro is still So still no boot screens.

Why wouldn't Mojave have a boot screen for the Mac Pro? They do for my rMBP. :confused:
Rating: 1 Votes
6 days ago at 08:05 am
Did anyone have success with the Python script on MacBook Pro (2018)? I always get an error when installing.

EDIT: This is the error message

EDIT 2: My speculation is that the MacBook Pro T2 chip will verify the integrity of the installer app. Since the installer is assembled from various pkgs by the script, it is not digitally signed by Apple, and thus the installation fails to initiate. The only way to install Mojave is to download it from Mac App Store.

Rating: 1 Votes
2 weeks ago
dang, was hoping for a GM today. guess only one more week until then
Rating: 1 Votes
2 weeks ago
Looks like a GM candidate. Build 18A389.
Rating: 1 Votes
3 days ago at 10:30 am
I would guess with no Updates out by now the well have to wait Till Monday for the final product, Probably on Tuesday we will get macOS 10.14.1 beta 1. Once 10.14 is officially released if YOU DO NOT WANT to continue receiving the ".~ " updates then make sure you set your machine NOT to receive further beta Updates. Set it to Restore Defaults. "Public Beta would be the same but instead of Developer it would State Public Beta"

Rating: 1 Votes
1 week ago
I’m looking forward to this more than anything else. Apple focusing on the Mac against-or so we hope.
Rating: 1 Votes
4 days ago at 06:04 pm
I thought the recycle stuff was really more for marketing to the tree huggers. Telling them to go ahead and buy a new iPhone and don't feel guilty as their old iphone won't go to the landfill. With that Apple has a bigger excuse not to support old devices which will sell more phones.
Rating: 1 Votes

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