The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet, which got its start as a Kickstarter project back in 2015, is the first bike helmet to make its way to Apple retail stores.

Available from the online Apple Store and in retail locations in the United States and Europe as of today, the $180 Lumos Helmet has integrated LEDs to keep you safe when riding at night and built-in gesture controlled turn signals.

There are 10 white LEDs on the front, 16 red LEDs on the back, and 11 amber/red LEDs on each side that can serve as the aforementioned turn signals. You control the turn signals built into the helmet with a connected Apple Watch, with the helmet able to interpret your hand gestures to activate the lights on the helmet.

Previously, the helmet's built-in turn signals were controlled via a remote attached to the handlebars of a bike, but the new Apple Watch integration makes it simpler than ever to signal your intentions to drivers on the road.

The Lumos Helmet also has a beta feature that's able to detect when you're braking hard on your bike, flashing the lights on the helmet to a bright red.

Through a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone, the Lumos Helmet records your bike riding activity and uploads it to the Apple Health or Strava app.

Design wise, the helmet is safety certified and meets gold standard safety certifications in the United States and Europe, and it has been created to be durable and weatherproof so it can be used in rain, snow, and fog. There's just a single size available, which can fit most adult head sizes in the range of 21.3 to 24.4 inches.

The Lumos Helmet can be purchased from the online Apple Store or through an Apple retail store for $179.95.

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mdelrossi Avatar
44 months ago
Unfortunately, the smartest bike helmet is no helmet at all, as helmets lure traffic into a false sense of security.
Ever see anyone go down without a helmet? Not a pretty sight.
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Schranke Avatar
44 months ago
Unfortunately, the smartest bike helmet is no helmet at all, as helmets lure traffic into a false sense of security.
You seem to be presupposing that a helmet increases safety, which isn’t as clear-cut a case as it may seem.

Here’s an overview as to why. ('')
Thats a half truth...Yes some people act more idiotic when wearing an helmet, but that does not take away from the protection it provides.
I live I Denmark, properly the country in the world with most bikes per capita. We use out bikes for everything, especially in our big cities as cars is an inconvenience. We see a lot of bike related accidents, and those which wear a helmet generally get out in a better condition then those without.
The helmet is also effective in solo accidents were no other persons is involved. had a friend fall on the parking lot once, he broke his helmet, literally made a crack in it, that would have been his head otherwise...
So if you thinks it is safer to not wear a helmet, I wish that you will not go biking, both for your and your loved once sake
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MacDawg Avatar
44 months ago
The fact that a helmet saved my wife's life trumps any ******** report for me
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mdelrossi Avatar
44 months ago
You seem to be presupposing that a helmet increases safety, which isn’t as clear-cut a case as it may seem.

Here’s an overview as to why. ('')
No, I don't "presupposing that a helmet increases safety,".

It does help prevent, and or, minimize head injuries.

Riding skills have nothing to do with mechanical problems, sudden animals, children running jumping into the road in front of you, getting knocked off because of some jerk driving too close/ drunk.

I'll keep my helmet on and and take that extra margin of safety.

Good luck with being a vegetable.
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skitidetdu Avatar
44 months ago
Unfortunately, the smartest bike helmet is no helmet at all, as helmets lure traffic into a false sense of security.
Does the same go for driving without a seatbelt? Or a car without airbag?
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chucker23n1 Avatar
44 months ago
Ever see anyone go down without a helmet? Not a pretty sight.
You seem to be presupposing that a helmet increases safety, which isn’t as clear-cut a case as it may seem.

Here’s an overview as to why. ('')
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