KGI: Apple to Launch 6.5-Inch 'iPhone X Plus' and Lower-Priced 6.1-Inch Full-Screen LCD Model Next Year

Apple will launch a trio of new iPhone models in 2018, including 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models with OLED displays and a 6.1-inch model with an LCD display, according to respected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Photo: KGI Securities

Kuo believes all three models will be equipped with a full-screen notched design and TrueDepth camera system like the iPhone X.

Kuo expects the 5.8-inch model to have 458 pixels per inch, suggesting the second-generation iPhone X's display will likely continue to have a resolution of 1,125×2,436. He said the 6.5-inch model will have roughly 480 to 500 PPI, while the 6.1-inch model is estimated to have between 320 and 330 PPI.

In his latest research note, obtained by MacRumors, Kuo said the 6.1-inch model will have a lower-resolution LCD display and target the low-end and mid-range markets with an estimated $649 to $749 starting price in the United States.
Two new OLED models target high-end market; new TFT-LCD model aims at low-end & midrange markets: We believe the major hardware difference in the two new OLED models is size, in a bid to satisfy various needs of the high-end market. The new TFT-LCD model will differ significantly from the OLED models in hardware and design specs (for instance, the PPI will be lower). The primary selling points of the TFT-LCD model may be the innovative user experience of an integrated full-screen design and 3D sensing with a lower price tag (we expect it will likely be US$649-749).
His research note didn't outline any pricing estimates for the next 5.8-inch iPhone X, which currently starts at $999, or the all-new 6.5-inch model.

If accurate, next year's new iPhone lineup would consist of the second-gen iPhone X with the same size screen, a larger 6.5-inch version that we're tentatively calling the iPhone X Plus, and a mid-range 6.1-inch LCD model that adopts an iPhone X form factor and features but with a cheaper price point.

Kuo is upbeat on the shipments momentum of all three new iPhone models, and expects them to launch without any delays in 2018, given Apple's supply chain will be well experienced with iPhone X production by next year.

While he doesn't have an absolutely perfect track record, Kuo often relays accurate information from his sources within Apple's supply chain. Ahead of the iPhone X, he accurately detailed its 5.8-inch display, glass and stainless steel design, lack of Touch ID, 3D sensing, and several other features.

We've also already heard a few rumors about a 6.46-inch iPhone launching next year, so iPhone X Plus rumor season is well underway.

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29 months ago
I love how $649-$749 is now considered "low-end & midrange" :rolleyes:
Rating: 109 Votes
29 months ago
What I'd really like is an iPhone SE X (may need to rethink the name)--an edge-to-edge design in a smaller iPhone SE form factor.
Rating: 96 Votes
29 months ago
Will the 6"5 come with a mortgage application?
Rating: 88 Votes
29 months ago
Still a mess, and a smaller model would be much appreciated in the lineup. Should be 5.2”, 5.8”, and 6.4”.
Rating: 71 Votes
29 months ago
Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up bank robbin'
Rating: 51 Votes
29 months ago
I want the Plus Now!!!!

Rating: 41 Votes
29 months ago
Jeez Apple, take a step back and remember that smaller can be better.
Rating: 41 Votes
29 months ago
That's fine if Apple wants to make a larger one and charge more for it.

But there needs to be feature-parity across the OLED models. After the X, no one is going to buy the argument that some special camera improvement can only be unique to the 6.5" model.

I only ever bought the Plus models for the camera, and I'm ecstatic that the X has come down to reality with a usable size AND all of the hardware Apple can dish out.

I'm never, ever going to buy a 6.5" iPhone and I will be extremely irritated if I'm missing out on camera or other hardware features because Apple chose to make them unique to the "premium" model.
Rating: 35 Votes
29 months ago
A LOT of people will choose the LCD version just because of price alone. I like OLED but in all honesty, there was nothing wrong with Apple's LCD panels. They still look good to me. My iPad Pro still looks amazing without OLED. I guarantee you won't get dual camera on the LCD one. Apple isn't stupid.
Rating: 32 Votes
29 months ago
I'm sold on the Plus iPhone X, but I don't think I can justify it if it's $1500+, which I fear it will be.
Rating: 27 Votes

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