Target is currently discounting its entire Series 1 Apple Watch lineup by $70, dropping prices as low as $199.99 on 38mm models and as low as $229.99 on 42mm models. Regular pricing is at $269.99 for 38mm Apple Watches and $299.99 for the 42mm Apple Watches.

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apple watch 2 collections
A total of eight models are available at the discounted price, which is a solid deal for customers looking to pick up an Apple Watch. The Series 1 Apple Watch models feature the same faster processor that's available in the Series 2 models, but lack the GPS, improved display, and superior waterproofing.

For customers who do not swim and do not need GPS positioning for fitness purposes, the Apple Watch Series 1 is ideal. A full list of discounted models is below:

Target is only discounting Apple Watch Series 1 models at this time, with no discount available on the Series 2 models. Free shipping is available on the Series 1 models, and many brick and mortar Target stores have them in stock.

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DaveOP Avatar
74 months ago
Brand new Stainless Steel (Series 0) or Brand new SG (Series 1) -- both for $199. Which one would you choose?
Definitely the sport. I had a SS with Link, purchased launch day, and my taptic engine is so weak that it barely works anymore. I really only wear my watch to workout, and occasionally at work where I would like the Space Gray Sport a lot better. The S1 watch makes a lot more sense now, with the speed improvements. The S0 is frustratingly slow in any apps.
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Soccertess Avatar
74 months ago
Brand new Stainless Steel (Series 0) or Brand new SG (Series 1) -- both for $199. Which one would you choose?
I find series 0 very slow and unresponsive.
Score: 1 Votes (Like | Disagree)
44267547 Avatar
74 months ago
Definitely the sport. I had a SS with Link, purchased launch day, and my taptic engine is so weak that it barely works anymore. I really only wear my watch to workout, and occasionally at work where I would like the Space Gray Sport a lot better. The S1 watch makes a lot more sense now, with the speed improvements. The S0 is frustratingly slow in any apps.
If you recall, There was a report where when the first Apple Watch was in production was haulted due to issues with failing haptic engines or Taptic engines that were exhibiting weak vibrations. Perhaps you received one with this issue. I remember reading Apple tried to stop as many as they could from resale for that specific reason. I'm Wondering if that was part of the issue for you.

Third party applications can be a plague, but it still affects both versions being the third party applications can be an issue with the developer end of things. Plenty of Watch threads discuss this as well. But yes, Series 1 has an improved processor, its incremental without any major leaps over Gen One. And for comparison, I own both Watches from both Generations.

The Sport definitely is a money saver, but the stainless has a premium appeal (As you know) and the sapphire display is worth the extra money in my opinion. It's paid for Itself with the protection, which I didn't care for the Ion-X Glass on the Sport model.
Score: 1 Votes (Like | Disagree)
satchmo Avatar
74 months ago
Neither companies showed detail specs in size. But the weight is not much difference where the Sony is 45g for the core unit, and the Apple Watch 2 range from 28.2g for the aluminum case 38mm all the way to 45.6g for the ceramic 42mm case.
But the battery life difference is like 3 times!
Something does not add up.
I believe the Sony Smartwatch 3 is around 51mm, doesn't have a heart rate sensor, 320 x320 vs Apple's 42mm, 390 x312 display. Don't know the nits on the Sony.
Not sure if that answers anything.
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44267547 Avatar
74 months ago
I find series 0 very slow and unresponsive.
I definitely think experiences very. I own two models in the first generation Apple Watch, and it's plenty fast. I have no third-party applications installed. And it runs stock and I think it has little lag. And for comparison, I own the second Apple Watch generation and it's not that much faster than the first one.

I think it depends on how you use your Apple Watch and for what purpose. But third-party applications are not always optimized as they should be for the Apple Watch and that can contribute slowdowns.

And watchOS 3 has greatly improved the performance the speed of the first generation Apple Watch.
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Larry The L Avatar
74 months ago
More proof that series 3 will be DOA
That is a completely absurd and ridiculous statement that has absolutely no proof behind it other than a strange logic that escapes common sense and rationality.
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