Hands-On With Apple's New AirPods

Following a wait that was close to two months, Apple's AirPods have finally made their way into the hands of customers. The first AirPods orders started arriving to customers who pre-ordered last week, and Apple retail stores also began brick and mortar sales.

After waiting in line at 6:00 a.m. in the freezing cold in Palo Alto, MacRumors videographer Matt Gonzalez managed to snag a set of AirPods and has spent the day testing them out for a hands-on video. To get a closer look at the AirPods and see what Matt thought, watch below.

Customer reactions to AirPods have been largely positive, and users have been impressed with the fit, the sound quality, the syncing process, and the battery life.

Sound quality and long-range Bluetooth seem to be one of the biggest surprises, and many customers have said the sound is better than the standard EarPods, even likening the sound to more expensive headphones. With the W1 chip, the AirPods connect to the iPhone and other devices within seconds, and charging speeds are impressive -- Apple's promised 3 hours of playback for 15 minutes of charging, which has turned out to be accurate.

Most Apple Stores sold out of AirPods stock within an hour or two as people lined up ahead of when stores opened, but some stores are already receiving new shipments and Apple has promised regular stock. In-store pickup to check stock is not yet available, but should be coming in the near future.

Best Buy also had a limited amount of stock today for online orders, but supplies were exhausted quickly. There's no word yet on whether Best Buy will be getting more stock, but the site is now listing the seventh of February as a delivery date.

AirPods ordered today from the online Apple Store will not ship out for six weeks, so customers hoping to get AirPods before January will need to keep an eye on stock at their local retail store.

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41 months ago

One word :- fugly old design

That's three words.
Rating: 38 Votes
41 months ago
Honestly, as someone who has had DOZENS and DOZENS of Apple products, this is THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in a long time.

This is like FOUR products in one. As someone who uses the phone A TON as a consultant, I had to revert to wired in the car because the Bluetooth headsets would go dead. AirPods are like TWO Bluetooth headsets for the price of one. That's two things. Now add the battery pack / storage container for 24 hours of charge. That's a THIRD item. Finally, when listening to a call or music with one AirPod and you hit a song you really like, just put in the other AirPod and voila, your FOURTH item - an instant set of wireless headphones that sound better than Apple'S regular ones and my old beats Bluetooth headphones.

All of this is WITHOUT CORDS to look silly when one is out of your ears and when you are meeting with professionals while consulting.

Seriously, the MOST transformational Apple product I've had in YEARS and I have them ALL. Do not under-estimate this. It is seriously like comparing my Palm Phone to my first iPhone in 2007. AND FOR ONLY $159. Nothing currently compares at ANY price in my opinion.
Rating: 30 Votes
41 months ago

"Airpods sound just as good if not better than earpods" - MKBHD ('//www.youtube.com/watch?v=KftNp6hdO5g')

$159 vs $30 for slightly better? LOL...Apple, this is pathetic.

Nearly as pathetic as some of the trolls hanging around these forums of late ....
Rating: 27 Votes
41 months ago

I sometimes wonder if Jony understands real world usability or simply cares about visual aesthetics.

I sometimes wonder if half the people spouting criticism have actually used the new product rather than just criticising it.
Rating: 22 Votes
41 months ago

Are you again harassing me

Not at all. A question doesn't constitute harassment or your definition of harassment is used out of context. Again, why did you edit your response from Post #1? Have you tried the Airpods or tested them? This is a forum for discussion and I asked You a question.
Rating: 17 Votes
41 months ago

Why did you delete your original post listed below for Post #1? (Which you were quoted on).

[USER=946809]@Sunnysunnysingh[/USER] quoted: "One word :- fugly old design"

Easy answer: Got caught out there, so he tried to flip the script.
Rating: 16 Votes
41 months ago

"Airpods sound just as good if not better than earpods" - MKBHD ('//www.youtube.com/watch?v=KftNp6hdO5g')

$159 vs $30 for slightly better? LOL...Apple, this is pathetic.

1) Audio quality is just one metric that these AirPods should be measured on.

2) Do you honestly expect the sound quality to significantly increase in such a small package?

3) I'm pretty sure the price difference from traditional wired EarPods is for several reasons other than sound quality.

But thanks for the pathetic comment.
Rating: 15 Votes
41 months ago

One word :- fugly old design

No. That's actually three words, not one. And "Fugly" is subjective in terms of appeal, not performance. You are looking at these short sighted.
Rating: 12 Votes
41 months ago

The MacRumors videographer had to wait in line in the "freezing cold" of Palo Alto? That's laughable! The overnight low was in the upper 30s. Hardly "freezing." But hey, if it makes the videographer seem like a hardened journalist willing to go to any length to secure a pair of the elusive AirPods, then mission accomplished, right? :D

Hey, we're Californians, 29 degrees is definitely freezing to us!
Rating: 10 Votes
41 months ago
Ok -- so here's my first review. So me and my roommate each bought a pair at Apple The Grove as a walk in :) In our testing --- roommate is talking as he's walking along Melrose Avenue - street traffic etc, barely ANY background noise - yes loud truck or bus and minimal car noise. I'm talking to him thru his iPhone -- noise on my end -- barely negligible! We both agree -- people are going to LOVE these. Took 10 seconds to unbox and be up and running -- hahaha -- Sorry haters!

Btw -- another point - roommate has a beard -- you can't even see that he's wearing them - sorry but the negative remarks about their looks is SO OVERBLOWN -- they don't look lame at all.

And what would be someone's biggest motive to *justify* price? Just getting rid of those incredibly annoying wires and the ***** noise that comes from wearing wired earbuds with the mic. I actually felt perfectly fine paying $159 for that convenience.

Can't innovate my a**!
Rating: 9 Votes

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