Verizon Revamps Plans With More Data, Carryover Data, Unlimited 2G, and Higher Prices

Verizon has announced a series of changes to its monthly service plans effective July 7 and previewed a new version of its My Verizon app in tow.

The biggest change is that Verizon's unlimited talk and text plans now offer at least 30 percent more data, albeit at higher price points.

Old Plans
- S: 1GB for $30/month
- M: 3GB for $45/month
- L: 6GB for $60/month
- XL: 12GB for $80/month
- XXL: 18GB for $100/month
New Plans
- S: 2GB for $35/month
- M: 4GB for $50/month
- L: 8GB for $70/month
- XL: 16GB for $90/month
- XXL: 24GB for $110/month

A new Carryover Data feature allows Verizon customers to keep their unused data for an additional month. Carryover data automatically rolls your unused data for one month into the next. If you have 1GB of unused data remaining in July, for example, it would be added on top of your regular August data bucket.

Verizon has introduced a new Safety Mode that aims to eliminate overage fees by providing customers with unlimited data at low 128 kbps speeds at no charge once they have reached their monthly 4G LTE data limit. Safety Mode is included with XL and XXL plans, or $5 per month for S, M, and L plans.

Verizon customers can return to 4G LTE speeds or add more data at any time in the new My Verizon app. Additional data costs $15 per GB.

Meanwhile, Verizon customers can now get unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, and while traveling in either country. The incentive is free for customers with XL or XXL plans, or $5 per month per line for calls from the U.S. for customers with S, M, or L plans. To roam with data in Canada or Mexico, Verizon offers a TravelPass feature for $2 per day per line.

Verizon has also made similar changes to its small business plans.

The new features and changes are complemented by a revamped My Verizon Mobile app.
- The Feed: All you need to know about your data, account and bill in one real-time feed, with personalized products and content just for you.

- The Data Hub: Your data control center. Clearly see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more if you need it.

- Shop: The fastest and easiest way to browse, buy and customize the latest devices, all without leaving the app.

- On-Demand Support: In-app help that’s there before you need it with immediate answers without calling for help.

- Simplified Bill: A clear and simple bill that explains what’s changed from month-to-month. Understand and pay your bill with just a few taps.
My Verizon Mobile is free on the App Store [Direct Link] for iPhone and iPad. The revamped version of the app should be rolling out in the near future.

Update: Engadget notes that existing customers can keep their old plans and rates, but they will not receive all of the new perks such as carryover data.

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47 months ago
Hello from Europe. Writing this from my 300mbit fibre optics line for $24/mo (no data caps).
We have unlimited LTE (no data caps) for $45/mo and I find this expensive.

My friend from Romania enjoys 1000mbit fibre optics line for $12/mo.

$35 for 2GB?? Totally ridiculous. You guys are getting milked hard over there.
Rating: 50 Votes
47 months ago
"We won't charge you overages, for $5 extra"

Rating: 36 Votes
47 months ago
Unlimited 2G! Sign me up!!

Rating: 30 Votes
47 months ago
As if Verizon wasn't already too expensive.
Rating: 29 Votes
47 months ago
Damn the US plans are expensive for what you get.
Rating: 29 Votes
47 months ago
So prevent overage fees by raising monthly prices instead?
Rating: 29 Votes
47 months ago
Years later, still no carrier can beat T-mobile's 5GB + unlimited 2G for $30.
Rating: 27 Votes
47 months ago
US Carriers suck. :apple:
Rating: 26 Votes
47 months ago

OMG this is crazy! I live in London and I'm with Three UK which I find amazing, with £55 a month + £10 for insurance (£65 total) I got my iPhone 6 on day 1 with just £199 upfront and every month I have Unlimited 4G, Unlimited Calls for cellphones and landline, Unlimited texts and last but not least free roaming in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Macau, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland and the US + free calls or texts to english numbers while abroad. (£33 a month without phone contract)

Now how this robbery can go on in the US??

To all those Europeans confused by US cell pricing: Europe has twice the population density of the US. That means the US needs about twice the number of cell towers to cover a population of a given size. That in turn means the cost per subscriber of providing coverage is approximately double. Yes, those were all back of the envelope calculations.

But don't feel bad too for us... we seem to pay less for Apple products, which you all complain about incessantly.
Rating: 24 Votes
47 months ago

what do you get for that price? a free iphone on top?

in my country you get 20gigs 4g and unlimited phone call for 20$

your phone services are as expensive as your healthcare.

Inaccurate. Our Healthcare System is more costly by a wide margin. :apple:
Rating: 22 Votes

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