Popular password management service Dashlane today announced a major update, introducing Dashlane 4 for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Dashlane 4 features a revamped design with a simplified, intuitive user interface that provides a consistent usage experience across multiple browsers and devices.

Every part of the app, from the sign-in screen to the option to add a new credit card or password, has been redesigned in an effort to make it more convenient to use. There are new list/grid views, new sorting options, and improved button and header labeling. A "Quick Actions" function makes it quicker to find data through an in-app search field, and Dashlane's automatic Password Changer feature now supports an additional 300 websites.


"Dashlane 4 is a significant step forward for our company in creating the world's best password, payments, and digital identity management solution. Our product received numerous awards in 2015 ranging from Google's Best Android Apps to Kiplinger's Best Identity Theft Prevention Tools. Dashlane 4 takes our award-winning product to new heights," said Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of Dashlane. "No matter what platform a Dashlane user logs into, they will have a simple, consistent, and secure user experience. This combination is unique and is driven by our mission to help users seamlessly manage their identity everywhere."

Dashlane's apps are also being updated with full support for five new languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Japanese.

Dashlane's password management service is free when used on a single device like a Mac or iPhone, but to sync passwords between multiple devices, users need a Dashlane Premium account that is priced at $39.99 per year.

Dashlane for Mac can be downloaded from the Dashlane website or from the Mac App Store. [Direct Link]

Dashlane for iOS devices can be downloaded from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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ck2875 Avatar
69 months ago

Dashlane's password management service is free when used on a single device like a Mac or iPhone, but to sync passwords between multiple devices, users need a Dashlane Premium account that is priced at $39.99 per year.

Well that makes it pretty easy to choose 1Password
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IHelpId10t5 Avatar
69 months ago
Dashlane is such a more polished experience overall then 1Password
I disagree. Yes, Dashlane has a more colorful web-like interface if that's more important to you. However, once you have used both you quickly realize that 1Password's minimal interface is very responsive, feels like a native application in every way, and uses every native security feature of the OSs that it runs on. Dashlane on the other hand is very sluggish in responding, always feels like a non-native web application, and gets in the way more.

I've used both and really wanted to like Dashlane and it's slick looks. But, I abandoned it within a week and would honestly pay twice as much as they already charge for 1Password. The fact that people want their password manager to be free boggles my mind! Encryption, security, cloud, and the web are not things that are easy to do in a secure way. Therefore, I'll gladly pay 1Password if it allows them to keep top developers and security professionals on staff to support and improve a great product that is entrusted with my information.
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AppleInLVX Avatar
69 months ago
Well that makes it pretty easy to choose 1Password
Been using 1Password for years. They've never given me a reason to consider anything else. Great software, fair price. I'd have bought their iteration for 1Password 6 happily, but they offer it as a free upgrade. Awesome company.
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ck2875 Avatar
69 months ago
Except the pricing for 1password is VERY high and they update yearly.

(Odd how hard it is to find the pricing for 1Password).

I have 1Password and Lastpass and LOVE Lastpass - great price as well.
I just looked through my iTunes receipts. I bought the iOS version on 12/17/2012 for $7.99, and the Mac App Store version of the OS X version on 11/28/2011 for $24.99, and I have been receiving free updates since then.

In sum, I've spent $33 on 1password and received over 3 years of support and upgrades (I'll go with 2012 as a point of reference since Dashlane is free on one device but you have to pay to sync).
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NufSaid Avatar
69 months ago
Well that makes it pretty easy to choose 1Password
Except the pricing for 1password is VERY high and they update yearly.

(Odd how hard it is to find the pricing for 1Password).

I have 1Password and Lastpass and LOVE Lastpass - great price as well.
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CarlJ Avatar
69 months ago
The thing is, I've done a lot of reading in the past on encryption and the various password apps, and I trust 1Password. Any other app has a lot of work ahead of it to get me to trust it more than 1Password.
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