Misfit today announced the launch of the "Speedo Shine," a new activity tracker that's been designed in partnership with Speedo, a company known for its swimwear and swimming accessories. Like Misfit's other products, the device tracks steps taken, various exercises, and sleep, but it also is able to track swimming activity.

The Speedo Shine is waterproof and features proprietary lap counting algorithms to measure laps taken when in the pool. According to Misfit and Speedo, the lap tracking capabilities feature "industry-leading accuracy" and have been tested at Speedo's Aqualab.

Lap counting works for all stroke types, and the data that's collected is displayed in the Misfit app for iOS. The app collects information on swim distance, lap count, calories burned, and fitness points earned. In the near future, the Speedo Shine will also sync with the Speedo Fit swim tracking app.

As with the existing Misfit Shine, the new Speedo Shine is a circular activity tracker worn on the wrist. It's crafted from aluminum and available in a new light silver color the company calls "Pure" with a black or white band.

The Speedo Shine with swim tracking capabilities will launch on September 1 and it will be sold in Apple retail stores, on Misfit's website, and on Speedo's website. It is priced at $79.99.

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uwdude Avatar
93 months ago
I swim to l-e-n-g-t-h-e-n my life. Not shorten it :D

Interesting idea, nonetheless.
Hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right.
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Arran Avatar
93 months ago
This is definitely worth watching,

I've been manually inputting my swim stats into the speedo fit iOS app for some months now because it feeds the data right into Apple Health.

This would automate that process and also save me from having to count laps in my head (28... 28... 28... 28... turn...29... 29.... <mind wanders>... hang on - was it 29 or 27?... 27... 27... 27....) :)
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rmbpuser Avatar
93 months ago
I like how that hand looks. I know I'm weird. o_O
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brett_x Avatar
93 months ago
... And I can't even swim proper strokes without getting water up my nose. So I'm doing something more like a doggy paddle...
You must not be breathing out through your nose while under then. Generally, you should be breathing out the whole time your face is below the surface. (Though I am not an expert.) I learned to swim (crawl) primarily by watching youtube videos. There are a ton of them on swimming. Once you get into the crawl, you'll realize it's the most efficient ways to move through water, and your lap count will increase.
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uwdude Avatar
93 months ago
This is definitely worth watching,

I've been manually inputting my swim stats into the speedo fit iOS app for some months now because it feeds the data right into Apple Health.

This would automate that process and also save me from having to count laps in my head (28... 28... 28... 28... turn...29... 29.... <mind wanders>... hang on - was it 29 or 27?... 27... 27... 27....) :)
Just punish yourself with a lungbuster each time you lose track of the laps, and then you'll learn not to let mind wander, problem solved, hehe.
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SlipSlidinAwa Avatar
93 months ago
I like to think without having to concentrate on counting. I set the vibration alarm at 250m so I know which decade I'm in and if I forget I can look at the display but that costs me a few seconds. I'm also getting better times.
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