CES 2015: Netatmo Debuts 'Welcome' Smart Home Camera with Family Face Recognition Technology

Connected products manufacturer Netatmo showed off its new Welcome HD smart home camera at CES 2015, which features the ability to recognize individual members of a family and inform other users as to who is home. The camera, which features a 130 degree field of view, also offers a live video feed with audio that is accessible through an iOS app to monitor a current home situation without the need for cloud storage or subscription fees.

Netatmo's Welcome smart home camera

Netatmo has also included a number of privacy settings with its Welcome camera including the ability to not receive notifications or store footage when specific people are recognized. Recorded videos and identification data are also kept entirely on the camera's included SD card, as the camera itself cannot access any data of its own. The Welcome app for the iPhone contains other options for privacy and displays every person recognized as being home, and lists past events and people on the timeline screen.

The Welcome (left) and a Welcome Tag (right) which extends range

Aside from facial recognition and privacy features, the camera offers night vision thanks to a powerful infrared LED and features an exterior comprised of anodized aluminum. Netatmo's Welcome camera will be available in the second quarter of 2015, and the company also says it will be releasing an accessory known as Welcome Tags that extend that camera's reach.