Late 2014 Mac Mini Benchmarks Indicate Decreased Multi-Core Performance

The newly refreshed Mac mini is seeing improved single-core performance over the previous models, but decreased multi-core performance, according to a newly released GeekBench benchmark. John Poole of Primate Labs says that the upper tier Late 2012 Mac minis, which had quad-core Ivy Bridge processors, saw better multi-core performance than the new Late 2014 models, which have dual-core Haswell processors.

Unlike single-core performance multi-core performance has decreased significantly. The "Good" model (which has a dual-core processor in both lineups) is down 7%. The other models (which have a dual-core processor in the "Late 2014" lineup but a quad-core processor in the "Late 2012" lineup) is down from 70% to 80%.
Poole notes that Apple may have switched to dual-core processors in some Late 2014 Mac minis because Haswell dual-core processors use one socket to connect the logic board and processor while Haswell quad-core processors use different sockets. This would mean Apple would have to design and build two separate logic boards specifically for the Mac mini, while other Macs use the same logic boards across its individual line.

This trade-off didn't exist with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors because both of its dual-core and quad-core processors used the same socket. Another option, according to Poole, is that Apple could have went quad-core across its new Mac mini line, but it would have made it difficult for Apple to hit the $499 price point.

Despite the decreased quad-core performance, the single-core performance of the new Mac mini is in line with other Macs' performance jumps from Ivy Bridge to Haswell.

Base configurations for the Mac mini are currently available for purchase on Apple's online store with pricing starting at $499 and will ship in one to three days. Custom configurations ship within three to five days.

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69 months ago
"We've designed the new Mac Mini to be slower, so you can enjoy your content better. These days, we are in such a hurry that we fail to slowdown and appreciate what we're seeing. The new Mac Mini is about making the personal computer...personal again." - Jony

Rating: 186 Votes
69 months ago
Woohoo Apple innovates again.

I will skip this generation and wait for the one with the single core Pentium CPU.
Rating: 164 Votes
69 months ago
"This would mean Apple would have to design and build two separate logic boards specifically for the Mac mini, while other Macs use the same logic boards across their individual line."

Heaven forbid a company with $100 billion in cash have to spend a little extra money for a separate logic board to avoid crippling a product line. :rolleyes:
Rating: 141 Votes
69 months ago
This is a bad :apple:
Rating: 116 Votes
69 months ago
Can we file this one under "Be careful what you wish for?"
Rating: 101 Votes
69 months ago
soldered on ram
slower multi-core
dual-core only
server option removed (no 2tb)

does anyone else think that Apple was supposed to release a redesigned Mac Mini but because broadwell got delayed and Apple ended up just releasing a revised edition at the very last minute?
Rating: 97 Votes
69 months ago
Shame on you Apple! It's pathetic. :(
Rating: 64 Votes
69 months ago
This update and the iPad mini were ridiculous! What's with Apple ignoring all the minis?
Rating: 55 Votes
69 months ago
where is the affordable desktop quad core?

The problem is that they don't offer a single quad core processor DESKTOP computer for under $3000. That is simply ridiculous. The pro customer (graphic designers, architects, photographers, gamers, etc.) needs quad core desktop computing at affordable prices. I'm an architect and yes we bought a new $4000 6 core Mac Pro. It works well even if our software doesn't take advantage of the extra GPU - hence we overpaid for how we use the machine. However, we don't need and can't afford ALL of our machines to cost $3000 or more. We also want to upgrade our server eventually....with what now?

A lot of us have invested in the Mac Mini product line, hoping we could upgrade it into the future. I don't care if some of you want to define a Mac Mini as a "low end" or "entry level" Mac. They had an affordable quad core computer and now they don't. It cost us $1300 for the old quad core Mac Mini (after aftermarket RAM upgrades). We have 5 of them in the office = $6500 The graphics cards are not great, but they run our 3D software well enough. To upgrade now we are being forced to buy an iMac or a Mac Pro. The Mac Pro starts at $3000. Times 5 machines = $15000. So now we need to spend an additional $8500 for Mac Pro's??? No thanks Apple. That is more than our original 5 Mini's cost.

And WE DO NOT WANT TO UPGRADE TO IMAC'S. Too glossy and reflective, not the right screen size for us, we already own 10 great looking, non-reflective, affordable screens since we were in the Mac Mini product line, there is no matching second screen (sorry we are not paying $1000 for the 27" outdated Apple display), you can't easily transport the iMac, etc... The iMac works for some business just great, but not for us. At a minimum we would like to CHOOSE an iMac or a desktop just as the low end and high end customer can do.

They didn't replace it with anything. It is simply gone. What about that don't those defending Apple get? To add insult to injury they soldered the RAM and didn't even throw in Iris Pro graphics on the high end dual core.

We need a quad core i7 machine with decent graphics (Iris Pro or discrete graphics at a minimum) for an affordable price. NOT the iMac. The iMac is not what we want as a replacement. For some reason you can buy a cheap desktop and a really really expensive one, but nothing in the middle. They need to stop up and fill the middle again.

They could easily solve this by adding back a Mac Mini quad core option, hopefully with Iris Pro graphics. Or make a less expensive Mac Pro option: quad i7 with a single Firepro graphics card.

We will ride out our 2012 quad core Mini's as long as we can. If they don't have a mid level machine in the $1200-$2000 range next year we will transition to PC's. Which for me also means when I upgrade my phone and tablet it is time for Samsung.

If Apple is not going to support small business design professionals, then we are not going to support them.
Rating: 53 Votes
69 months ago
This exciting update was brought to you by the bean-counters not the engineers.:)
Rating: 52 Votes

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