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Samsung Bashes the iPad, Microsoft Surface and Kindle in New Ad

Samsung has released a new anti-Apple advertisement that highlights the perceived shortcomings of the iPad in comparison to Samsung's new Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro tablets. Targeting not only Apple, the ad also criticizes Microsoft's Surface tablet and the Amazon Kindle.

The ad uses three scenarios to highlight the advantages of the Galaxy Pro series over its competitors. The first is a business conference call, during which the Galaxy owner is able to talk and simultaneously send a report because of the Galaxy's multitasking feature that allows him to display multiple Android applications at once on the screen. There's also a slight jab at the Microsoft Surface, which is ridiculed for being "computer-like" because of its keyboard, battery pack and mouse.

The ad then switches to more personal uses of the tablet with a quick dig at Amazon's Kindle device, which can only read books, while the Galaxy can pull up YouTube videos during a book club meeting. The harshest comment comes at the end when two ladies at a spa are comparing their iPad and Galaxy tablets. The discourse on the lower screen resolution of the iPad (2048-by-1536 resolution) when compared to the Galaxy Pro (2560-by-1600 resolution) ends with a condescending smile from the Galaxy owner when the iPad owner retorts that her iPad has "the retina thingy."

Samsung has a history of chiding its competitors in commercials, so it's not surprising to see the Korean company take on the iPad shortly after unveiling its Galaxy Pro series earlier this year.

The Galaxy Note Pro features Samsung's S-Pen technology, while the Tab Pro is the company's standard tablet. The Galaxy Note Pro is available in a 12.2-inch size, while the Galaxy Tab Pro ships with 12.2, 10.1 or 8.4-inch displays.

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68 months ago
Screen images simulated. Sequences shortened. Multi Window does not support all apps.

Seems legit. :rolleyes:
Rating: 102 Votes
68 months ago
Apple's commercials are classy, these are trashy. :apple:
Rating: 95 Votes
68 months ago
Samsung hates everyone.
Everyone hates Samsung.
Rating: 84 Votes
68 months ago
Samsung seems to get desperate. With the Retina iPad now going for $399, who in their right mind would buy a Samsung tablet?
Rating: 59 Votes
68 months ago

Apple's commercials are classy, these are trashy. :apple:

Remember the Mac vs PC ads? Same thing.

Also, competition is good, people. Apple has more reason to innovate/produce better products when they have competitors doing things (ex. here's hoping the next iPad can have two apps side by side).
Rating: 58 Votes
68 months ago
I'm impressed that they manage to come off as incredibly smug and pathetically defensive at the same time.
Rating: 43 Votes
68 months ago
Ads like this make me feel ashamed to be an Android user.
Rating: 39 Votes
68 months ago
Comparing a tablet to a kindle?

A computer... to an ebook reader.

They're different products. This makes 0 sense.
Rating: 39 Votes
68 months ago
they keep beating a dead horse with the same iPad "limitations". in the real world everyone uses iPads and loves them.
Rating: 36 Votes
68 months ago
Particularly loved the mention of pixels.

Number of pixels != Display quality.

It's like the whole camera megapixel war all over again.
Rating: 31 Votes

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