Apple Reportedly Launching 8 GB iPhone 5c Tomorrow

Apple is planning to release a new 8 GB version of the iPhone 5c tomorrow, according to an alleged note to retailers from Vodafone's O2 unit in Germany shared by Caschys Blog [Google Translate]. The legitimacy of the note is unverified, but German site iFun reported a similar tip [Google Translate] just a few minutes later and several tipsters have even reported to MacRumors that shipments of the new models have arrived at carrier stores in the UK.

Pricing on the 8 GB model has yet to be revealed, but one of the sources has indicated that the device will be available in all of the existing color options. All of the reports we've seen so far have come from Europe, but the device would presumably see a worldwide launch as there would seem to be little reason for Apple to limit distribution to Europe.

Apple's iPhone 5c has seen lower than expected sales since its debut last September alongside the flagship iPhone 5s, with the iPhone 5c essentially representing an iPhone 5 repackaged in colorful new plastic shells and available in 16 GB and 32 GB capacities priced $100 below the corresponding iPhone 5s models. A new 8 GB model would allow Apple to bring the entry-level price for the iPhone 5c even lower, and while the capacity may not be enough for some users, many budget consumers may find it acceptable and Apple does currently offer an 8 GB iPhone 4s as its cheapest option in most countries.

Update 8:17 AM: A photo of a packaging label from the new 8 GB iPhone 5c has now surfaced.

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78 months ago
They should make the switch from

8 GB - 16 GB - 32 GB - 64 GB


16 GB - 32 GB - 64 GB - 128 GB

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78 months ago

pricing should be FREE or money paid to the "buyer"
Rating: 31 Votes
78 months ago
Much ridiculous :rolleyes:
Rating: 14 Votes
78 months ago
Soon free inside your favourite cornflakes box.
Rating: 12 Votes
78 months ago
I don't even see the 16GB storage in my iPhone 5S being sufficient for my extensive photography with it. How could a non-expandable 8GB storage ever considered usable for iOS device?
Rating: 11 Votes
78 months ago
I just hope they use tomorrow as an opportunity to sneak in a quiet Mac Mini update with Haswell.
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78 months ago
8gb will fill up awfully fast. Apple needs to get over their premium charge for storage.
Rating: 9 Votes
78 months ago
Flash memory is cheap. VERY cheap. What is the point of an 8GB iPhone 5C? Hell, 16GB is tight as hell; install a few apps and sync some music and you're out of room. 8GB must be torture.

If anything they should be dropping the 16GB and making 32GB the base model. 32, 64, 128. It would be in line with flash memory pricing lately and eliminate the space crunch for low-end users.

WTF is Apple thinking???


People desperate for that "low-cost" iPhone may finally be getting it. The decreased storage should lower the price a bit; and maybe now it'll finally sell.

That's just it, though. The price difference between 8GB and 16GB flash is a couple bucks. There's no reason this should lower the price perceptibly at all.
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78 months ago
For those (most) who are unaware....the reports going back PRIOR to the September 2013 launch stated quite clearly the 4S would remain as the $0 / 8 GB device in the lineup for a limited period of time, some even stated until early this is falling right in line with what was planned almost a year ago...

Figured I'd post that since I'm sure most forum members will act like this is some act of desperation on Apple's part (as Macrumors and other site authors already have).
Rating: 8 Votes
78 months ago
Interesting, if true.

Does this mean they are killing the pre-5 models? IMO they should have done that long ago. Same with the earlier iPad models...
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