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Images of Razer 'Kazuyo' Game Controller Leaked

An image of what might be a MFi (Made for iPhone) controller from computer peripheral manufacturer Razer has been leaked on Twitter by @evleaks, who has been known to provide reliable images in the past.

The enclosure controller, reportedly named the Razer Kazuyo, appears to wrap around the iPhone, adding face buttons, shoulder buttons, and a directional pad on either side of the phone. This layout is similar to other iOS game controllers such as the Logitech Powershell and the MOGA Ace Power, which were both released in last month. Unlike both controllers however, the Razer Kazuyo includes the ability to tilt the iPhone up, allowing for better viewing angles and easier access. razerkazuyoback
It is not known when exactly the Razer Kazuyo will be released, but it is likely that it will be compatible with a growing list of iOS games upon availability. Currently, games such as Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8: Airborne, and Bastion offer controller support, with additional developers pledging to build controller support into their apps now that controller hardware is available to consumers.

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73 months ago
after my last razor product experience, i wouldn't touch anything they make.
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73 months ago

I'd love to see it too. IMO, most Apple users trust/like/buy Apple hardware far more than any 3rd party accessory; so if Apple made their own game developers would get on-board a lot quicker too.


I don't know why people think Apple would be good at making game controllers. If there is one thing they are not good at hardware-wise, it's making decent input devices (aside from trackpads, of course.) I could see how an Apple-designed one might help adoption, especially if it looked cool, but I wouldn't expect it to be any good.

Companies like Logitech and Razr have been making great gaming input devices for years.
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73 months ago
Reasons I won't buy a wraparound-style controller

1. Incompatible with iPad
2. Incompatible with (future/possible) ATV gaming
3. Incompatible with future iPhones not even a year away.
4. Incompatible with iPhone cases
5. I don't want to dock/undock my phone for every game

I want a universal bluetooth controller for a reasonable price. The one major downside would be you have to set your device down, but for those of us that only play games at home this isn't an issue.

Even better would be if someone made a "transator" box that you plug in and it connects to both iOS devices and PS/Xbox controllers and maps the buttons according so that they work together.
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73 months ago
Wow, my son was asking me about this. I can't wait to get it for him! It will be good if Apple Designed their own Controllers.
Rating: 2 Votes
73 months ago
Still no joy for iPad gamers.
Rating: 2 Votes
73 months ago
No analog sticks.


Also all i want is a bluetooth controller dualshock copy that works with iphone and ipad for 40$.

Will any company provide anything like that?
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73 months ago
I checked out the hardware on the Logitech and the other dual stick one (I forget the brand.) The logitech one felt fairly solid, but having no analog sticks was a huge miss. Still felt like it could easily snap in half.

The one with the dual sticks felt really cheap. At a $50 price point I would consider it, but at double that it is just too cheap feeling. Maybe they could build a $40 one without the battery inside. The other problem was the analog sticks - they are similar to the 3DS which is good, but they have almost zero travel. Basically that means it only acts as a slightly more accurate d-pad - any direction but either on or off.

They had a third xbox-style controller that was much larger, that one felt a ton better. Still ergonomically not as good as an actual xbox controller, but felt more worth the price.

I think we just need a catalyst from Apple themselves - games on Apple TV. Maybe their own hardware to bring up the quality of third party devices and increase their relevance. Right now they are too niche to hit a decent price/quality ratio.
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73 months ago
Just make a Bluetooth controller and be done with it. I don't need a huge long controller to fit a phone into.
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73 months ago
What a mess.

Every one of these controllers seem to have a different configuration.
What a total mess.

Are game devs supposed to make configurations to support *all* of the hardware controllers that get released?

Also, am I missing the app store search filter that tells you which games support hardware controllers?
Sure would be nice.
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73 months ago
I'm not sure why you'd want to tilt the screen the DS and PSP do just fine without that...

+ IFF it doesn't use bluetooth
+ IFF it it's cheaper and less plastic than the logitech

– No analogue sticks
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