Logitech Announces Ultrathin Touch Mouse for Mac


Logitech today debuted a new slim touch-enabled mouse for Mac users, crafted to match the design of Apple's MacBooks. The brushed aluminum mouse, which is similar to Apple’s Magic Mouse, supports seven different touch gestures and is designed to be ultra portable.

The mouse is recharged via USB and according to Logitech, one minute of charge time provides one hour of working time. It also uses Logitech's Easy-Switch Bluetooth and can connect to a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Using Bluetooth® with Logitech Easy-SwitchTM Technology, the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse can connect wirelessly to your laptop, desktop and tablet at the same time, and you can easily switch among them with the flip of a switch.

The Ultrathin Touch Mouse can be preordered from the Logitech website for $70 and is expected to begin shipping in September.

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Some guy Avatar
97 months ago
Mice don't need to be thin. Apple's "Magic Mouse" is already uncomfortable enough.
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z1on0101 Avatar
97 months ago
People who use thin mice must have dolphin flippers for hands.

My hands are curved, so I like full-size mice.
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Fuchal Avatar
97 months ago
Brushed metal sides? That'll go great with Mac OS X Panther.
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nagromme Avatar
97 months ago
I love a flat mouse, both for feel and for fitting in a travel bag.

I hate the big domed "shoe-mice" even as a I respect their ergonomics up to a point. But they take extra force: I have to move my whole arm, and drag the weight of my hand pressing down on the mouse's feet. No, thanks. I like a small mouse I can move with fingertips alone. Fingertips are more precise than my elbow! (In fact, when I use a domed mouse, I don't even bother resting my hand on it. I just cup my fingers higher and waste that ergonomic palm rest because it makes it hard to, you know, point at things.)

It's not at RSI issue because I use the best RSI-prevention of all: variety. Sometimes I use the mouse, sometimes the trackpad, sometimes a gaming mouse I keep on hand... sometimes even a big trackball. (And a lot of the time: an iPad!)

But I'd pick a Magic Mouse over a Logitech because I love Apple's scrolling mechanism. No wheel is good enough after trying that. I don't actually own a Magic Mouse because I'm waiting to get one bundled with a future Mac, but I love using them. (I also love the Magic Trackpad and might opt for that instead.)
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SilentLoner Avatar
97 months ago

The Magic mouse is, in my eyes, one of the worst-designed mice ever. Talk about RSI... The Magic trackpad is so much more comfortable to use, and actually has functional multi-touch gestures that are usable for those of us without kid-sized fingers.

Of all the things for Logitech to copy...

Seriously why be negative. Magic mice obviously sell or they wouldn't design this. You don't like it then don't get it. Simple really.
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WilliamG Avatar
97 months ago

Mice don't need to be thin. Apple's "Magic Mouse" is already uncomfortable enough.

The Magic mouse is, in my eyes, one of the worst-designed mice ever. Talk about RSI... The Magic trackpad is so much more comfortable to use, and actually has functional multi-touch gestures that are usable for those of us without kid-sized fingers.

Of all the things for Logitech to copy...
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